Taiwan’s Ares HR System HCP Simplifies Recent New Labor Law Adjustments

Taipei City, Taiwan, February 19, 2017 --(PR.com)-- The Taiwan Government’s implement of five-day work week plan of “one fixed day off and one flexible rest day” law, affected the calculation of overtime hours, calculation of overtime pay rates, and canceling seven days off for national holidays, which became Human Resources personnel’s nightmares. Even though the proposed law is still under Legislative Yuan’s examination process, Ares International Corp. has followed the changed regulations very closely, and adjusted its HR system, HCP (Human Capital Planner), accordingly to satisfy the latest regulations. When the proposed law is passed, Ares will provide routine system updates to assure client’s HCP system is always up to date.

The ministry’s proposed amendments will change the original “labor has one fixed day off weekly” to “one fixed day off and one flexible rest day.” According to the amendments, employers may ask employees to work on their “fixed day off” only in the event of a natural disaster or emergency, and would have to compensate employees with double salary for the day with an additional day off. The employers may ask employees to work after obtaining their consent, but are obligated to provide additional pay, ranging from two and one-third (less than two hours) to two and two-thirds (more than two hours) times the worker’s basic salary. Where the overtime work does not exceed four hours, the work time should be calculated as four hours. Where the overtime work is further over four hours, but the total overtime work does not exceed eight hours, the work time should be calculated as eight hours. Where the overtime work is further over eight hours, but the total overtime work does not exceed twelve hours, the work time should be calculated as twelve hours.

Ares HCP Product Manager Alex stated that Ares will host HCP educational training shortly in response to the amended regulations, and assist clients to reduce human resources management costs and enhance operations efficiently through simple demonstration and explanation. Coming soon.

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HCP possesses strong and complete functions, structure and services, winning respects from many international enterprises. Ares HCP supports multi-country, multi-language and can unify global management, has many successful global enterprise group cases in both Taiwan and China.

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