DealerCreek Announces Innovative Marketing Program

DealerCreek is revolutionizing the automotive dealership world with its unique online marketing program.

Overland Park, KS, February 24, 2017 --( DealerCreek was founded just one year ago by David MacDonald a 25 year veteran of the automotive IT/Marketing world.

Working for some of the largest chains Mr. MacDonald noticed that every dealer would receive the same sales pitch and the same generic template from online marketing companies that were not in the car business and had no idea how the business works. "I sat through so many dog and pony shows with companies that have no clue what is important to a store. This lack of knowledge of the automotive business was the reason DealerCreek was formed to fill the huge marketing gap," says Mr. MacDonald.

DealerCreeks unique marketing technique is far above the other companies and has been duly called Black Ops Marketing because of its nature.

Their program does not just help a store sell more new and used cars, it encompasses all of the dealerships departments including service, parts and body shop by piggybacking competitors ad dollars.

Due to the competitive nature of this unique program DealerCreek limits its Marketing service to one dealership per metro area/market. Mr. MacDonald also added, "If we offered our program to several dealers in the same market then that competitive edge for the store would be gone. We have turned down business because of overlapping markets since the company has taken off last year. "

Growth has been very quick for DealerCreek since they started last year with 1 store. Now they have over 25 dealerships and are adding new stores every week. DealerCreek attributes its rapid growth to their unique way of marketing that other companies simply don't offer.
David Buckingham