HR Squared Research and Analytics - Growing The Schweitzer Mountain Resort, an Outdoor Oasis for Northwest Nature Lovers

HR Squared Research/Analytics provided the data findings and research needed to expand Idaho's Schweitzer Mountain Resort into the premier resorting destination of Idaho. With newly added features and lodges, Schweitzer Mountain Resort remains a peak destination for skiing, vacationing, and outdoor recreation. HR Squared continues to work with the resort leaders to grow awareness for the resort among Northwest residents.

Bellevue, WA, February 24, 2017 --( Many nature lovers of the Pacific Northwest frequent Idaho’s Schweitzer Mountain Resort to experience a breathtaking vista for skiing, hiking, picnics, biking, and eco-adventures, Schweitzer Mountain Resort is the largest resort in Washington and Idaho at over 2,900 acres of terrain and renowned ski slopes, located in the Selkirk Mountains near Sand Point, Idaho. The vast size of the Schweitzer Mountain Resort terrain means uncrowded slopes and trails, yet visitors receive an intimate resort experience in the lodges, restaurants, and activity centers all while embracing a vision that values extraordinary experiences for discerning travelers.

HR2 Research/Analytics worked with the Schweitzer Mountain Resort to provide data analytics used to help the organization grow its business and better reach its target market. At the time of the research, Schweitzer Mountain Resort brought in an average of 227,500 ski visitors per year with 53% of visits from the Spokane area, 16% from the Seattle area, and 31% from other metro areas, which was the highest visitation among inland Northwest resorts. The findings were collected using a quantitative survey of current and non-visitors, conducting in-person interviews and roundtables, and assessing existing data for other resort areas.

The first part of this research involved defining who came to the resort. This included describing the geographic location and origin of the target markets and visitors. The visitors were then defined by their time of visit (Winter, Summer, Fall, Spring), and the activities they participated in at the resort (skiing, snow boarding, hiking, biking, etc.). Further research assessed demand based on visitor demographics, defined how visitors became aware of the resort, and calculated how much they would be willing to pay for the different resort offerings.

Following an assessment of the Schweitzer Mountain Resort visitors, HR2 provided satisfaction ratings by visitors for the food and beverage options, shopping, and live music and events, as well as discovering importance and satisfaction with recreational activities such as boating, horseback riding, tubing, geocaching, huckleberry picking, and snowmobiling. Additional aspects of the research included reasons not to visit and a competitive analysis with other resorts in the market. Findings were also provided relating to a current assessment of real estate trends, demands, and ownership on the mountain.

The research findings were used prior to the launch of a new resort feature, The Summit Lodge. Through the analysis provided by HR2 Research/Analytics, The Schweitzer Mountain lodge gained insight into who their customers and visitors were, what features of the resort were performing best, and how the resort could become more competitive with similar resort locations. Without accurate data to rely on, these inferences can only be supposed, but not factually based, which is why the work conducted by HR2 makes such a difference to organizations.

Upcoming events at the Schweitzer Mountain Report include the Winter Carnival, the President’s Weekend Festival with fireworks, the Coca Cola™ night parade and fireworks, racing competitions, and live music. As winter comes to a close, guests can enjoy the reawakening of the spring vegetation and the emerging outdoor splendor. HR2 is proud of its work with the Schweitzer Mountain Resort and we look forward to our continued relationship.

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