CloudNine Marketing Unveils the Secret Ingredient in Their Recipe for Success, and It’s… Holistic Healing News

CloudNine Marketing promotes and ensures the growth of their clients. They only vet the most relevant and current information onto

Scottsdale, AZ, February 26, 2017 --( CloudNine Marketing is now using Holistic Healing News as a medium to promote their new clients. After the relaunch of Holistic Healing News, CloudNine Marketing focused in on the growth of this site as well as the growth of their clients. They have been working diligently with the Digital Agency, Gate6, for the past few months to ensure the proper website design and marketing consulting strategies, resulting in great promotion of their clients.

CloudNine Marketing is a public relations firm that represents, spiritual and medical authors, film makers, and their products. Some of the other skill sets that are offered are event marketing, product launches, book tours, and open houses to name a few. They are considered one of the premier holistic public relations and marketing firms in the United States. Every week CloudNine Marketing receives hundreds of pitches about the latest and most relevant in the holistic health arena. Not only will clients benefit from the skills CloudNine Marketing provides, but readers will as well. CloudNine Marketing only vets the most relevant and educational information on

Trina Beckstead, Founder and President of CloudNine Marketing, states that, “CloudNine Marketing is the company I developed to change the way our customers feel about the marketing experience. Our goal is to work with clients who’s products or services better the planet.”

To experience a different way of marketing, contact CloudNine Marketing at their Scottsdale office, 480.419.1799. Also, be sure to follow CloudNine Marketing on Facebook to get posts as well as on YouTube for updates.
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