Ubertesters Announces Ubertesters 2.0 with New Exciting Features to Optimize Further the Mobile Manual QA Process

New innovations include full video recording of the bug/crash, automatic SDK integration, auto-disabling of the SDK on production, new on-boarding process, and integration with new 3rd parties to effectively manage complex mobile manual QA environments.

Los Angeles, CA, March 05, 2017 --(PR.com)-- Ubertesters, a world leading provider of QA testing solutions, is pleased to announce the release of its next generation QA mobile beta management platform, Ubertesters 2.0. The new release offers groundbreaking advancement in manual mobile QA testing management for enterprises and SMBs in the mobile development industry. Ubertesters 2.0 offers mobile organizations a simple-to-use, end-to-end platform to manage their entire mobile QA process and teams.

Ubertesters 2.0 delivers a wide range of features and infrastructure enhancements. With the automatic SDK integration, the mobile manager can integrate the Ubertesters SDK in an easy, seamless way and eliminate the need to rely on mobile developers. The new video recording feature allows the developer to see exactly what had gone wrong before the bug/crash happened including essential indicators (CPU, memory, network, etc.). These new cutting-edge features, together with many additional improvements, are designed to help organizations achieve efficiencies by improving their overall mobile QA management experience.

“The launch of Ubertesters 2.0 with these remarkable new features makes our QA mobile management platform well matched to the enterprise world,” said Ran Rachlin, Ubertesters co-founder and CEO. “The mobile QA process went through massive changes in the past years, and the shorter release cycles, together with the need to test globally on many devices with remote testers and crowd testing, makes our new release essential for better, easier, and more informative management of the mobile QA manual testing process on the way to a well-tested app.”

Ubertesters' solution offers a unified combination of platform, tools and crowd of global testers for hire for mobile testing process management and for team management (both in-house and external testers). Additionally, the solution creates the correct work-flow of mobile app/websites testing by resolving key issues for developers and mobile development organizations.

Over the first half of 2016 more than 2.2M apps were available in the Google Play store and more than 2M apps at the Apple Apps store. For each of these global apps the QA process is extremely complicated because of the highly complex and fragmented mobile landscape. Apps need to be tested in different geographies, with variety of different devices and OSs and many carriers, making an integrated, end-to-end testing tool even more important for today's market needs.

Ubertesters has testers in more than 100 countries around the world.

About Ubertesters:
Ubertesters is the leading global provider of mobile apps testing solutions to ensure a better and cost-effective mobile apps testing process. The company solves the main problems that mobile developers are facing by offering: (1) Product; a cloud-based platform to manage the entire testing cycle and in-house team. (2) Service of crowd testing; a method where the app/web testing is done by a large group of on-demand, professional QAs/testers for-hire with devices that conduct the testing under real-life conditions. The one-stop testing solution allows companies to launch a well-tested product with significantly lower cost to the organization, less overhead, and in a much shorter lead-time.

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