Interest in "Document’s Fingerprint" is Growing

OPTAGLIO today announced several new negotiated contracts on its new product, OPTAGLIO OVImage which fully protects against counterfeiting and also enables to identify a particular document. The document can be identified even if it has been tampered with.

Lochovice, Czech Republic, March 08, 2017 --( Security holograms are generally accepted as the strongest available anti-counterfeit protection measure. Imitation of advanced security holograms is impossible or close to impossible. However, the holograms offer no tools for particular documents identification. This limitation is based on the very basic principle of hologram production (mass production using the same master).

In spite of this, OPTAGLIO’s researchers found a holographic solution for particular documents identification. It is based on microholograms, extremely small metallic particles of regular shape with a holographic surface. Seen by a naked eye, microholograms look as metallic dust. Under higher resolution, a complete hologram can be found on each “grain.” OPTAGLIO has invented microholograms and has patented them.

OPTAGLIO OVImage product is based on random scattering of microholograms into a defined area of protected document such as ID card, passport, banknote, tax stamp etc. Microholograms are hot stamped on paper or sealed into plastic. Afterward, distribution of microholograms on a particular document is recorded into a database to enable identification of the document in future.

“Once a document has been created, even we in OPTAGLIO cannot imitate it,” explains Igor Jermolajev, the research manager in OPTAGLIO. “Anti-counterfeit protection is normally based on reliable recognition of a protective element. With OPTAGLIO OVImage you can go even further. You can exactly identify from what passport was removed the abused element. You can say when the passport was issued, who was its holder, if its stealing was correctly reported etc.”

Personal documents have their serial numbers but the falsifiers can tamper with them. Identification based on an element that cannot be imitated thus brings a radical improvement in protection and forensic. This improvement is critical because weak points in document protection are often targeted by criminals and terrorist groups and because distrust towards some documents can impact their respectable owners.

“We are delighted to say that reaction of the market confirms strong interested in very advanced anti-counterfeit solutions. Security issues prevent us from announcing particular clients and contracts but the import thing is that several countries will be able to identify particular documents in the near future,” said the technical manager in OPTAGLIO Libor Šustr.

OPTAGLIO is a leading global provider of advanced optical security devices and the market leader in e-beam lithography. During almost 25 years of our history, we have delivered hundreds of millions of holograms to governments, financial institutions and other organizations in more than 50 countries around the world. Our unique technology has been broadly recognized as the industry standard for optical security.

OPTAGLIO, certified to relevant international standards, operates under strict 24/7 security supervision. Our comprehensive security system covers people, processes, data and facilities. The company is a member of International Hologram Association (IHMA) through which it registers all its security devices and hologram in the central security register, in London.
Dr. Petr Hampl
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