Aroma Bravo Exclusively Sells Certified USDA Organic Coffee on Amazon

Serious coffee lovers can now buy 100% USDA Organic and Non-GMO whole bean coffee from Aroma Bravo.

Carson City, NV, March 11, 2017 --( Ever since the negative health effects of GMO products have been shed to light, consumers have become more particular about their choices. Everything from food to cosmetics now have an organic counterpart for those who are very concerned about their health. The same is true for coffee products. It is extremely important for coffee lovers to buy organic coffee nowadays. Many of them prefer organic non-GMO coffee to guarantee the safety and natural taste of the coffee.

As a company that’s strongly against genetically-modified products, Aroma Bravo only sells organic coffee to its valued customers. The company exclusively uses 100% Arabica beans from organic farms in Marcala, Honduras to ensure the high quality of the coffee.

“We’ve always been advocates for organic non-GMO products, so it’s important for our products to also have these two specific qualities. We would never sell anything that’s detrimental to the health and enjoyment of our customers, so we went out of our way to find the best organic coffee beans possible. We found the answer in Marcala where some of the world’s best coffee beans hail from,” a representative from Aroma Bravo remarked.

“We are able to produce premium coffee products because the beans we use are organic to begin with. This is why coffee enthusiasts can enjoy the delicious natural flavors of our Honduras coffee,” she continued.

Aroma Bravo has certification from the USDA to sell organic coffee beans to the market. Officially labeled USDA organic and non-GMO, this brand is the ideal choice for coffee lovers who want the real taste of Honduras coffee.

Aroma Bravo currently offers a Medium Dark Roast on for only $13.29. Two new products are soon to follow, namely the Light Roast and French Roast, which many coffee enthusiasts are looking forward to. More information about the company and its organic coffee products are available at

About Aroma Bravo
Aroma Bravo offers certified organic whole bean coffee from Marcala, Honduras. Highly recommended for its smooth and well-balanced flavor, Aroma Bravo Coffee is a must-try for serious coffee lovers.
Aroma Bravo
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