GenieBelt Construction Management Software Introduces Latest New Features

Save time and make even more money in construction with GenieBelt’s latest features: easily keep track of multiple projects and their budgets; let VIP stakeholders see what’s happening in real-time; print out weekly tasks for everyone on your projects; change ownership of your projects; look good, and sleep well!

Copenhagen, Denmark, March 15, 2017 --( GenieBelt, the construction management software and construction app announces today the launch of its latest new platform features. This iteration improves significantly the versatility of the app to optimise the construction management process.

The new and improved features:

Portfolio Overview
Portfolio Overview allows construction managers to take full control over multiple projects and manage them all from one place. Now, they can keep track of numerous ongoing projects simply and quickly.

Budget Portfolio
Budget Portfolio provides the ability to stay informed on the budget of various ongoing tasks so you can easily foresee the budget changes for across entire projects. Better monitoring of your budget will result in better management of the available resources both financially and timewise.

Observer Role
You will now be able to invite VIPs, stakeholders and other third parties to view their construction project, as it happens, in real time! They can see but not touch! Allow anyone to see what’s going on in the project without worrying that they might make changes to it.

Change Ownership
You can now change the ownership of any project to another GenieBelt user. We’ve also made ownership of each project visible from the projects list. A great help for the construction manager who wants to quickly know which site manager is in charge of every different project.

Historic Weather Information in Project Reports
Add your projects location to to your Project Report to receive historic weather information. See why project delays because of unfavourable or extreme weather conditions.

Timezone and Language Fixes
A timezone issue for the US and Canada users has been resolved as well issues to do with default language selection.

Drilldown and Task Sheets Tweaks
The option to view details of a task just by clicking on it whilst working in the Drilldown section is now available. And, you can now create weekly task sheets that includes everyone on the selected projects.

GenieBelt is constantly trying its best to become better and the latest iteration is a solid step towards that direction. Book a Demo today and see all the new features in action.
Taylor Ryan
+44 20 3868 6459