Aroma Bravo Offers 100% Organic Honduras Coffee to Health-Conscious Consumers

Organic coffee lovers who are particular about the quality and safety of their coffee beans trust Aroma Bravo’s Honduras Coffee.

Carson City, NV, March 15, 2017 --( Now that more awareness about the health risks of GMO crops have been exposed, consumers have become much smarter when it comes to buying food. This doesn’t just cover fruits and vegetables, but also popular commodities like coffee. Many coffee lovers are actually now switching to organic coffee for their health but with so many GMO coffee brands in the market today, it’s hard to find a brand that is completely safe for consumption. Fortunately, Aroma Bravo Honduras Coffee is now available to meet the needs of health-conscious coffee drinkers with its 100% organic coffee.

Aroma Bravo, a non-GMO coffee company, has always been against genetic modification and therefore only sells coffee beans that are natural and organic. The beans that the company uses are sourced from various organic farms in Marcala, Honduras. This region is notable for producing high-quality Arabica beans that make some of the world’s best coffee.

The organic Honduras coffee beans are then shipped to the USA to be roasted and packed by Aroma Bravo’s skilled experts. With a USDA Organic Certification, coffee lovers are assured that Aroma Bravo Honduras Coffee is safe to drink.

“Our whole bean coffee is certified USDA Organic so consumers can enjoy the real taste of our Honduras coffee. No genetic modification or harmful chemicals were used, that’s why our coffee beans are able to retain their natural flavors,” said a spokesperson for the company.

“Many coffee drinkers may not be aware that they’re consuming GMO coffee, so it helps to check the label first. The USDA Organic seal on our label means that customers can trust our product. When you choose Aroma Bravo, you never have to worry about the quality and safety of the coffee beans because they are made with the utmost care and expertise,” the spokesperson continued.

Aroma Bravo Honduras Coffee is readily available for consumers who prefer organic coffee beans. Interested parties can find out more at

About Aroma Bravo
Aroma Bravo offers USDA certified organic coffee from Marcala, Honduras. Highly recommended for its smooth and well-balanced flavor, Aroma Bravo Coffee is a must-have for serious coffee lovers.
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