Chicks Making Flicks Are More Than Half Way There

The female-filmmakers group is set to release their first comedy web-series, "Half Way."

Burbank, CA, March 15, 2017 --( Hide your husbands, hide your sex-toys and whatever other fetishes you may have, Chicks Making Flicks is coming to a suburb near you with their first comedic web-series, "Half Way."

Created by CMF founder Harmony Smith and screenwriter Tania Penn, "Half Way" centers around Glenda, an upbeat and cheerful social worker, who takes in women of various backgrounds that are trying to overcome different afflictions, into her halfway house and attempt to rehabilitate them. But, it's easier said than done, as none of the women ever pay her any mind causing chaos and comedic situations to ensue when they put the "fun" or the f-u" in "dysfunctional."

Each episode centers primarily around one of the women, whose varying addictions range from being a pyromaniac to a sex addict to a kleptomaniac to a stalker. Put those very different types into that pot, along with a couple of celebrity guest stars, mix it up and you get comedy gold.

Each episode ranges from 5-8 minutes in length, with nine episodes total scheduled to debut April 2017 on their YouTube channel, as well as their web page A second season is currently being planned.

If you like dark comedy in the vein of "Santa Clarita Diet," "Halfway," which is also set in Santa Clarita, will likely whet your appetite for fun.
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