SpyChain: The Beginning of Crowdsourced Security

SpyChain is an intelligent Facebook Messenger bot that allows people to anonymously report security concerns and incidents. There is nothing to download to use the bot; SpyChain can easily be accessed via Facebook Messenger. SpyChain does not hold any personally identifiable information on its servers to ensure that everything stays anonymous.

Toronto, Canada, March 16, 2017 --(PR.com)-- CogniFrame Inc., the Toronto Canada based Machine Learning/AI startup has launched SpyChain, the crowdsourced security management bot that runs on Facebook Messenger. It is running an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to seek donations to enhance its offerings and to add to its growing subscriber base.

“Security is one of the greatest challenges in the modern world and law enforcement and security services worldwide are struggling to cope. SpyChain is a way for all of us to be collectively responsible for the safety of our communities. Every SpyChain bot user represents one extra set of eyes and ears and can cover the gaps in law enforcement and help keep our communities safe. So we urge everyone to sign up and subscribe to the SpyChain bot and do your part by reporting security concerns and events you notice as you go about your everyday life,” said Vish R, the CEO of CogniFrame.

Subscribers to the bot receive daily security news updates that cover global, country and local security news. There are no apps to download and using the bot to report a security incident just requires a few key clicks.

“Come join the fight against crime, terrorism, bullying, abuse, drugs, arson and everything criminal and help us build safer communities for ourselves and our loved ones,” he continued.

Video: youtu.be/1fzYrFtZCOI
Facebook Messenger access & Website: www.spychain.com
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