ColDesi, Inc. Launches New Direct to Garment Printer Website

Tampa, FL, March 16, 2017 --( Industrial Direct to Garment Printing is part of the focus, of the all new DTG Digital brand direct to garment printer website from ColDesi. The content of the site is geared not just towards startup t shirt printers; but also towards bigger shops and Multihead DTG applications.

“Our guiding principal for any of our efforts on the web is to be useful” said Mark Stephenson, Director of Marketing for ColDesi. “In the case of dtg printing we’ve noticed a shift in what people are looking for and the questions they ask. We designed our site around those questions.”

The new website showcases the DTG product lines’ differences to other printer in its class, including:
· Print size – up to 16.5” x24” for the M2
· Print quality – P30i inks and a wider color gamut
· Productivity – flexible, removable platen system and printing up to 4 shirts at once
· Lowest cost per print

Other information includes the soft launch of the all new M6 DTG Printer which will have the ability to print 3 full size graphics or up to 12 smaller ones at the same time. In the future you’ll see video demonstration of fast fashion and all over printing applications on the site as well.

ColDesi, Inc. of Tampa, FL. is a leading reseller of direct to garment printers, commercial embroidery machines, spangle transfer equipment and automatic rhinestone machines. Widely recognized as a leader in digital marketing in the custom apparel industry, pioneering live online webinars for sales, online group support sessions known as Tech Talks and the Custom Apparel Startups Podcast; ColDesi has adopted a new, responsive website to better communicate with the apparel decorating community.

ColDesi has preached “customer experience” in its podcast and articles on its blog, and one reason the company has made this change is to provide a better user experience for customers on mobile devices.

Alex Duran, Sales Manager for ColDesi said, “We’ve had many of our more commercial customers set up 2, 4 or even dozens of our DTG Printers in their shops. Our new site’s focus is to let the public know the full commercial capability of the M2 and the new M6.”

The most useful things about the new site, according to the staff at ColDesi, is the section on Industrial DTG and Lowest Cost per Print.

For more information about ColDesi, Inc., its products and web properties contact:
Mark Stephenson
Director of Marketing
Mark Stephenson