Dave Sim Voices His Character Cerebus for a New Animated Crossover, Which He Also Co-Writes

DarkSpud Episode 10 features the voice work, and amazing writing, of award winning comics creator Dave Sim.

Buffalo, NY, March 20, 2017 --(PR.com)-- “If you haven’t heard of Starchy the Dark Spud, hey, where have you been?!?” Asks Dave Sim. Dark Spud is basically Batman, as a potato, but not as intelligent or graceful. It began as a comic book, expanded to comic strips, and eventually animated episodes on YouTube. The animated series is also featured each week on Queen City’s Geek TV. Aired in the Buffalo New York area, on WBBZ TV. The complete series may be viewed on YouTube, by searching DarkSpud.

Terrible Lizard Comics, which publishes Starchy the Dark Spud, will soon be releasing a trade paperback. The TP will feature 4 issues of the DarkSpud, over 100 comic strips, as well as pin-ups and guest stars. In full color. This will include a 3 page Cerebus - DarkSpud crossover, based on the animated episode. It will also feature a crossover with Greg Hyland’s character, Lethargic Lad. Greg Hyland is a production artist for LEGO, and a storyboard artist for the LEGO short films. Terrible Lizard Comics features a preview of the TP, as well as a free digital download of the first issue of Starchy.

Dave Sim recently did a plug on the new animated Cerebus - DarkSpud crossover on his weekly video update. You can view Dave’s Weekly Update #170 on YouTube, as well.

And, to add to the excitement of the event, Dave Sim asked us to put together a making of video. He felt people would enjoy seeing the process that goes into turning a comic book into an animated series on YouTube. The making the Cerebus - DarkSpud crossover video can be viewed on the DarkSpud channel, on YouTube.

DarkSpud reaches it’s 10th Episode, with this exciting crossover event. The series is imbued with a plethora of creative talent, besides Dave Sim. Episode 08 features the voice talent of Anthony Ingruber, who appeared in the movie “Age of Adeline,” with Harrison Ford. He is also the voice of John Doe (The Joker) in the new DC Animated game, Batman: the Telltale series.

Episode 08 also features the voice of Jason Yungbluth, from Weapon Brown, and Deep Fried fame.
Terrible Lizard Comics
John Warren