Noliac Piezo Products in Ultrasonic Surgery

Noliac provides high quality piezo components and custom designed ultrasonic transducers for many different types of health care applications, including ultrasonic surgery devices. The components or transducers are custom designed to match specific requirements.

Kvistgaard, Denmark, March 23, 2017 --( Increased safety and precision with ultrasonic surgery

Ultrasonic surgery instruments offer numerous advantages over traditional techniques. Increased safety, visibility, precision, faster healing and more comfort for the patient are just few of the advantages. Ultrasonic surgery can be used in a number of clinical situations including bone surgery, eye surgery, sinus elevation and extractions.

High quality piezo components

When designing ultrasonic surgery devices, it is vital to use piezo components with high reliability. Noliac’s monolayer piezo components provide this. The components are offered in a wide range of dimensions and shapes. Typically, ultrasonic surgery devices are fitted with monolayer piezo rings made of a hard doped piezoceramic material. This material is designed for high power ultrasonic devices. The components are custom designed for easy integration to a specific application.

Short delivery time and scalable production

Noliac offers the piezo components with short delivery time down to one week depending on the type of product. Noliac also offers scalable production from one item to volume production.

Custom designed transducers

Noliac can custom design any kind of piezoelectric transducer, and Noliac can provide a full-service solution from prototype to production. Noliac has a long history of designing and developing customized transducers for ultrasonic surgery devices. Therefore, Noliac can advice on all the typical challenges when designing this type of transducer. For instance, the importance of a proper resonance frequency for requested amplitude, the tuning of performance versus minimum losses of the device, to have minimal impedance in resonance, or how to avoid parasitic resonances in working range of frequencies.

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