MASTERCLASS Reveals the Future of MLPs

The latest edition of MASTERCLASS contains a range of insight into master limited partnerships, featuring in depth discussion with experts on the subject.

New York, NY, March 23, 2017 --( Asset TV’s flagship thought leadership series, MASTERCLASS, has returned with a deep dive into the Master Limited Partnership (MLP) structure, and an outlook for energy prices in 2017. The program features two leading figures in the MLP industry today: Jeff Jorgensen, director of research at Center Coast Capital, and Chris Eades, an MLP-focused portfolio manager at ClearBridge Investments. Asset TV's Head of Programming Gillian Kemmerer noted that MLPs are attracting increased investor interest after posting an outperformance of broader equity markets last year. An accommodative Trump administration may continue to bolster U.S. shale drilling, but all eyes remain on crude prices as a variety of demand and supply side factors wage a tug-of-war.

As MLPs are strongly linked with the energy sector, the program dedicated considerable time to the forces impacting global oil and natural gas prices. Saudi Aramco’s upcoming IPO - speculatively valued at a record-breaking $100 billion - was discussed, as well as Saudi Arabia’s approach to pricing in the lead-up to the blockbuster listing. Chris Eades noted Saudi Arabia's recent production cuts in an effort to move prices to the $50-$60 range. As the world's largest oil producer attempts to put a floor crude prices, Eades surmised that prices could soon hit ranges once predicted for late 2017 or 2018.

Jeff Jorgensen was keen on U.S. MLP prospects due to the sector’s strong track record and legislative tailwinds. He discussed positive aspects in the nation’s pipeline infrastructure and regulatory climate, which promotes continued shale expansion. He also stated that the domestic market has been outperforming for many years, putting the U.S. far beyond its competitors in terms of shale production, and expects the dominance to continue.

As with all MASTERCLASS and CE accredited content, this video has a dedicated quiz to complete after watching, and will award the viewer with a CE credit from either the CFA Institute, CFP Board, or IMCA.

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