Woman Scientist Launches Children’s Magazine to Challenge Gender Stereotypes and Reshape Perceptions of Science for Young Girls

Houston, TX, March 24, 2017 --(PR.com)-- Smore Magazine is designed by a team of science experts to spotlight real women in STEM, break negative gender stereotypes and change perceptions about science for young girls.

The team at Smore Magazine is pleased to announce that their publication will offer engaging articles and illustrations for tween girls who are interested in science. 74% of middle school girls indicate an interest in STEM but on an average only 15% go on to work within the STEM workforce. (http://ngcproject.org/statistics)

Smore wants to inspire more girls to stay interested in science by changing perceptions about science for them.

Sarita Menon, founder and chief editor at Smore Magazine, holds a PhD in Cancer Biology and is a children’s science educator. In the science and technology workforce, the under representation of women remains an unacceptable reality, and Dr. Menon isn’t turning a blind eye. Instead, she has created the concept of Smore Magazine based on the idea that “media drives belief and belief drives behavior.” By featuring teen scientists and inventors as cover models, Smore hopes to shatter the widespread stereotype that “Women are not made for science and technology.” These empowering role models will give tween girls the inspiration, and encouragement needed to pursue their true talents and interests. The magazine has a team of science experts who research topics and create kid-friendly, engaging articles for girls ages 7 through 12. Inside Smore Magazine, readers will find fun sections such as ‘Science in the News’, ‘Science Like a Girl’, ‘Smore Spotlight’, ‘Smore Study’, and more. Also included in each issue: STEM challenges, jokes, trivia, puzzles, and more.

The magazine will be styled like a comic book, offering content that kids won’t be able to put down. The magazine will be issued bi-monthly, with six issues released yearly. Issues will be available in print version as well as digital version for iOS and Android. The magazine will be completely ad-free and supported by a community of subscribers.

According to the team at Smore Magazine, they will be launching a Kickstarter campaign on March 27th 2017. The campaign will aim to raise awareness for the upcoming magazine while growing its community of subscribers.

The publication is hoping to foster deep-rooted confidence in science that propels more girls toward working in STEM. Dr. Menon says “When mainstream publications begin to regularly spotlight smart successful woman in science only then can young impressionable girls learn to aspire to be like them. I envision a future where

#sciencelikeagirl is trending on social media and Smore magazine played a role in making that happen.” More information can be found at https://www.smoremagazine.com/.

Kickstarter PAGE: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/saritamenon/489414830?token=9277b605
Sarita Menon