Aroma Bravo Gourmet Coffee Beans Help Needy Causes Worldwide

Aroma Bravo provides fair compensation to its coffee growers, harvesters, roasters and packagers through a generous profit-sharing system.

Carson City, NV, March 26, 2017 --( Behind the massive success of the coffee industry lies a bitter truth: many coffee farmers around the world are still paid less than the production costs of the beans they harvest. Often times, the small-scale farmers who cultivate the gourmet coffee beans are exploited and barely even receive half of the market price. Meanwhile, millions of consumers have no idea that the coffee they drink were produced through greedy means.

News of the rough working conditions and unfair treatment of these hard-working farmers has generated awareness among responsible coffee drinkers. Buying habits are starting to change, and there is now a strong preference for brands that fairly compensate their workers.

Aroma Bravo, an organic coffee and tea company from Nevada, is one of the responsible companies that are making an effort to address this issue.

“It’s definitely a huge problem in the industry. This has been going on for years and yet there’s little change in the status quo. The farmers who bring us the gourmet coffee beans we enjoy so much deserve better treatment and compensation. Not just the farmers but also the landowners, roasters and packagers who all work together to produce the best coffee beans to consumers all over the world,” said a representative for Aroma Bravo.

“We are strongly against this industry malpractice that’s why we make sure that every single one of our workers are treated with fairness and respect. Everyone from landowner, to harvester, to roaster and packager are paid according to a very generous profit-sharing program. Our business would be nothing without the collective effort of these wonderful people who produce our gourmet coffee beans from Honduras,” the representative continued.

Consumers who choose Aroma Bravo can be assured that their gourmet coffee beans were sourced responsibly. Every purchase actually supports the families of these diligent workers.

"When you're enjoying our gourmet coffee beans, it's because everyone along the way was paid very well for their outstanding efforts. With each cup of this delicious coffee, you're contributing to worthy causes worldwide, as well as helping the people who worked so proudly to bring it to you.” The company representative concluded.

Consumers can learn more about Aroma Bravo and its responsible coffee products at

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Aroma Bravo offers certified USDA organic coffee from Marcala, Honduras. Highly recommended for its smooth and well-balanced flavor, Aroma Bravo Coffee is a must-have for serious coffee lovers.
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