Local Business Owners Start WOWOB Movement to Help Others Locate and do Business with Women-Owned, Women-Operated Businesses

Phoenix, AZ, March 29, 2017 --(PR.com)-- Why should you do business with a Woman-owned, Woman- operated business (WOWOB)? Because they’re different. WOWOBs have a big social impact as well as an economic impact.

Studies done by the Women’s Philanthropic Institute and others show that WOWOBs are more philanthropic at every income level, and give to charity more often and in larger amounts. These businesses also invest a higher percentage of their earnings in their families and communities, spreading wealth and creating a higher impact on future development, according to studies by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, published in the Harvard Business Review.

“Knowing some of these statistics about WOWOBs, several of us talked about the need to help each other,” explains Jackie Wszalek, owner of Splash Printing and Marketing in Scottsdale. She joined forces with Wendy McClellan of Structure for Success, Scottsdale, and Mike Bull of the Women’s Business Institute, Phoenix, to launch the WOWOB movement (www.wowob.org).

“Women-owned businesses are rising in their numbers,” says Wszalek. “With rising success, they will increase social responsibility efforts, which may well change the way we all think about business responsibility.”

WOWOB just launched its website and already has signed up 30 companies as members. “We are based in the Phoenix Area but a WOWOB in any city can join,” Wszalek explains.

There is no cost to search the business directory to find a WOWOB in any of 30 categories. A low-cost yearly membership in WOWB includes a listing in the online directory, a WOWOB decal to display in your office, a WOWOB logo to put on your website, and cards to give to friends, customers, clients, employees, or anyone who can help spread the word that there is a difference using a WOWOB.

For more information about membership or sponsorship of WOWOB, visit wowob.org, email info@wowob.org or call 480-447-9218.
Laurie Anderson