Coffeebot Attends the Bureau of Fire Prevention Seminar

Davao City, Philippines, March 30, 2017 --( In line with the Philippine Fire Prevention Month, the employees of Digital CB Solutions, also known as Coffeebot, participated in the Fire Prevention Seminar organized by the Bureau of Fire Protection Region XI under the Department of the Interior and Local Government.

The seminar was held at the Amalgated Capital Inc. and was headed by FO3 Jerry L. Sedayao and FO1 Mark A. Cahayag. It included comprehensive instructions and actual training on the causes of fire-related disasters and how they can be controlled and prevented.

It was part of a nationwide effort to spread information about fire-related cases in hopes of preventing them from happening again. FO3 Sedayao explained that over the years, fire-related incidents have been continuously rising, 23% of which take place in residential homes.

FO3 Sedayao stated that since 2012, fire related incidents due to unattended cooking, electrical short circuits, unattended torch and lighted candles, and Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) explosions have reached a staggering rate.

While Coffeebot is located in a commercial building, the Fire Officers explained that commercial buildings, too, have a lot of materials that can cause fire-related incidents to occur. The Fire Officers stressed the need for all members of the building to be informed about the Dos and Don’ts during fire related accidents.

The seminar served as a reminder for each member of the team to be careful and to keep an eye on potential causes of fire. It included step by step safety measures that the employees can use in case of a fire emergency, like the use of fire extinguishers, the importance of fire detecting devices and the purpose of having a fire exit in every building.

According to Coffeebot’s Managing Director, Peter Perez, the seminar is more than just about fire safety awareness, but also a reminder to always be disciplined. “Safety is very important. It’s not just about equipment and workplace. Having a sense of safety helps you become more disciplined. If you have safety awareness, you become more disciplined.”

He also stressed the importance of the seminar as a venue to give the employees a first-hand experience on learning something they can use even outside of work. “I want the team to learn from first-hand experience for them to use outside of work. End point is discipline. If all of us have awareness, it helps with character building.”

The Fire Prevention seminar ended with a question and answer forum to clarify existing questions about fire related incidents. In the end of the event, FO3 Sedayao and FO1 Cahayag urged citizens to always be mindful of their actions and be vigilant to keep their homes and offices safe.
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