VIP World Medical Provides Second Opinions from Top Specialists for Patients Worldwide

Bellaire, TX, April 04, 2017 --( Now patients living anywhere will be able to avail world-class medical consultation services from reputed physicians at top hospitals right around the world. This will help them get detailed medical advice by remote consultation with expert physicians from the country of their choosing.

VIP World Medical, USA based international organization, is indeed making it much easier for patients and their caregivers across the world to get the great medical advice from the most renowned physicians. They bring the world's top medical resources and personalized services to users by teaming up with the top physicians. This is hugely helpful for patients suffering from serious and complex health disorders.

VIP World Medical has emerged as a leading innovator in remote consultation services. Summarizing the organization’s unique business, Frank Ma, Director from VIP World Medical, states, "Our mission is to give every patient wherever he/she lives the best medical advice from the top experts. Our consultants’ network stretches across nations and continents and includes countries like the USA, Germany, Italy, UK, France and more besides. The patients can not only select their consulting physicians but also choose their countries or spoken languages as per their personal preferences. Actually, our entire consultation process is very convenient and user friendly for the patients and caregivers."

VIP World Medical provides the written medical reports, live "face to face" session, phone consultation, and monthly service for patients around the world. The organization will coordinate between the consulting physician and the patient to set up a mutually convenient consultation date and time slot. Thus patients anywhere can actually explain their ailment, describe the symptoms, show previous diagnostic reports, and discuss the diseases with consultants. Normally, patients who have good communication with consultants not only report greater satisfaction with their future care but also may enjoy better health. It helps patients solve their concerns, build their confidence, eliminate unnecessary travel, cut down associated financial expenses, and save valuable time for actual treatments.

Let’s say a patient in China wants to consult a specialist in the USA. The first hurdle would be to zero in on the most suitable physicians. Then the patient would come to a long and tedious process that includes mail, travel and various expenses. There is no guarantee whether the patient will actually get an appointment at all. If a patient is in a serious condition, or has a disease that is worsening in the absence of advanced treatments, these bottlenecks can be critical, even fatal.

VIP World Medical has taken out all the hassles and uncertainties from this tough process to make it simple, direct and effective. Now any patient can approach VIP World Medical and outsource the entire process through the platform.

The VIP World Medical’s professional staff will explain the remote consultation to the patients, understand their precise conditions, and answer the questions raised by patients. VIP World Medical will select the most suitable experts and provide the related information to the patients. Once the patients decide to set up the consultation, they can start to upload their outpatient and inpatient medical records, various test reports, pathology reports, imaging reports, etc. to VIP World Medical’s Patient Management Platform (Password Protected). Based on the uploaded medical records and requirements of the patients, the consulting physician will carefully review the data, discuss the disease with the patient and caregivers, answer questions, and provide medical advice during the consultation.

VIP World Medical partners with the top medical experts around the world to provide the second opinions for global patients. VIP World Medical will always adhere to the patients first and help patients receive the right diagnosis and treatment advice. View more information on the website

VIP World Medical ( partners with the top medical experts around the world to provide the second opinion for global patients. Most consultants are from the top hospitals of developed countries, such as USA, Canada, Germany, Italy, France, UK, etc. Patients can choose their preferred consultants based on the disease types, experts’ experience, reputation, and spoken languages. The remote consultation includes the written reports based on medical records, phone consultation, live "face to face" sessions, and monthly service. VIP World Medical will always adhere to the patients first and help patients receive the right diagnosis and treatment advice.
VIP World Medical
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