Aroma Bravo Reveals Why Whole Beans Are Necessary For Making Great Coffee

An expert from Aroma Bravo explains the importance of using whole bean coffee especially for home brewing.

Carson City, NV, April 07, 2017 --( With billions of cups consumed every day, it is undeniable that coffee has now become a staple in many homes around the world. But despite the enormous number of caffeine lovers worldwide, many still do not use whole bean coffee when brewing at home. The convenience of pre-ground coffee products may be enough for some people, but for coffee connoisseurs who are in it for the taste, it is essential to buy whole bean coffee.

“In order to make great coffee at home, you need premium whole beans to begin with,” said a coffee expert from Aroma Bravo Coffee and Tea. “Coffee beans are incredibly sensitive—they lose their aromatic flavors as soon as you grind them. This means that pre-ground coffee products are already stale even before they hit the market. And it gets even worse the moment you open that bag,” he continued.

According to the Aroma Bravo expert, pre-ground coffee has more surface area that’s exposed to oxygen which causes a huge deterioration in taste. On the other hand, whole bean coffee still have their unique flavors intact because they haven’t been exposed yet. They are much fresher than pre-ground coffee that’s why they are preferred by coffee aficionados.

“Switching from pre-ground coffee to whole beans will significantly improve the quality of your coffee. You’ll never go back to pre-ground again once you taste the difference,” the Aroma Bravo expert remarked.

“The best way to make great coffee at home is to buy organic whole bean coffee and grind them just before you begin brewing. Freshly ground coffee from organic beans is guaranteed to produce a delicious cup every time. This is the simple key to making great coffee, and anyone can do it at home. So if you’re looking to upgrade your caffeine experience, switch to organic whole bean coffee for optimum taste.” The coffee expert concluded.

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