CASPodcast Reaches 50 Episodes

Tampa, FL, April 08, 2017 --( The Custom Apparel Startups Podcast (, started in January of 2015 by Mark Stephenson of ColDesi and Marc Vila of Colman and Company announces its 50th Episode entitled:

Marketing Brainstorm | What to do with $1,000 Now
It’s time to invest in marketing to grow your business. How can you take $1000 and turn it into more money? Let’s brainstorm on this episode of the podcast and discuss what you can do with $1000 for marketing.

“The CASPodcast represents almost 50 hours of small business marketing advice specifically geared towards the custom apparel business,” said Mark Stephenson, Director of Marketing for ColDesi. “The reason we started the podcast was that we found lots of resources for comparing equipment, machines, supplies and suppliers, but nothing great that helps people actually RUN their businesses successfully.”

The CASPodcast is a companion to the Custom Apparel Startups Facebook Group ( The Group is a community of both people thinking of starting a business and seasoned custom apparel printers, embroiderers, screen printers and more.

“We draw inspiration for the topics of the Podcast from our own experience and from the Facebook Group. My experience in apparel sales, equipment sales and marketing Colman and Company gives me one perspective. Mark Stephenson’s experience in apparel, consulting, pay per click advertising and in sales and running marketing for the ColDesi brands takes care of the rest,” added Marc Vila, Business Development Direct for Colman and Company.

The 50 episodes average approximately 50 minutes each, so the hosts recommend book marking your favorites and listening to them more than once.

The most popular episodes include:
Episode 27 | You vs. the Competition – Overcoming Objections
Episode 23 | Biggest Mistakes in Starting a T Shirt Business
Episodes 29-31 | Make more Money Next Month Using E-Mail, Phone Skills and Active Word of Mouth

“Being useful to our customers and the Apparel Decorating community is very important to us” Mark Stephenson, ColDesi said “The podcast is probably the most universally useful thing we do. If you’re just starting out it will help you start right and maybe inspire you along the way. If your business is up and running it will hopefully remind you of some things you’ve already learned AND introduce you to a new way to be more successful.”

You can listen to the CASPodcast at or download it on iTunes or your favorite podcasting app.

Mark Stephenson
Director of Marketing
Mark Stephenson