VR Development Company, BuildingFacts, Has Changed the Way People Know Their Buildings

BuildingFacts leverages Virtual Reality, Document Management, Photographic Documentation, and Maintenance Reminders to create a never before seen way for people to communicate, manage, and maintain their homes and buildings.

Buffalo, NY, April 12, 2017 --(PR.com)-- The creator of BuildingFacts (www.buildingfacts.com), Don Tanguay, wondered why people know less about their homes than they do their cars, phones, and computers. Introducing BuildingFacts, the first ever VR Development Company that enables users to truly interact and communicate with their homes and buildings. BuildingFacts is available for any computer or tablet and is coming soon in an app for iOS and Android devices.

"A home is the biggest investment most people will make in a lifetime," explained Tanguay. "BuildingFactsVR Archive introduces a powerful communication experience for people to maintain, interact, and maintain their homes and buildings. In addition, ViRA, BuildingFacts Virtual Reality Assistance tool will remind it's owner when they need to change their air filters, when and what to do for spring cleaning, and so much more. Our hope is that people will never again have to worry or have a difficult time understanding how and when they should maintain their building. In simplest terms, we are your check oil light for your home!"

BuildingFacts is effortlessly simple, with an uncluttered user interface and elegant design. The process of archiving a building starts with gathering information from the owner prior to construction and development. A BuildingFacts Agent will take that information and develop an outline based on the needs of the owner. A BuildingFacts Professional Photographer will capture the structure, through various stages of construction, all the way to completion. Once all documentation and photography is completed, the VR Developer will create the archive. From accessing owners' manuals & item information to receiving notifications from the maintenance reminder application, ViRA, building owners' will have the necessary tools to be successful in managing and maintaining their buildings.

Currently, BuildingFact's founder is focusing his marketing efforts in New York and California, both hotbeds of new home and building development. In the near future, he plans to expand their horizons to include Florida and a few other states where major construction developments are on the rise. BuildingFacts, has innovative new products, like ViRA in the works that will firm up the company's position as a pioneer in Building Management Systems.

"Mobile and internet technologies continue to make things that once seemed impossible, possible," concluded Tanguay. "We believe that BuildingFacts is a revolutionary tool for anyone who wants to know their building's intelligence inside and out, interact with their building, maintain their building, and showcase their building."

About BuildingFacts

BuildingFacts is a startup founded by Don Tanguay. The company is based in Buffalo, NY and San Diego, California. BuildingFactsVR, ResidentialVR, and CommercialVR is currently the company's main projects. Experience BuidlingFacts VR Tours first hand at www.buildingfacts.com under the products and services tab.
Anthony Grande