Dredge Yard Builds ECO200 Dredger in Stock

Sliedrecht, Netherlands, April 13, 2017 --(PR.com)-- This dredger is built under the Dredge Yard program of building medium size and small size dredgers in stock. The dredger is of a multi-use concept that can be equipped with cutter head, plain suction dredge or an auger head. The dredging depth can be extended due to the use of underwater heavy duty dredge pump that is driven and controlled by hydraulic drive.

Easily transportable
The entire dredger can be fitted inside standard containers for safe and cost effected transport to any port in the world. At location the dredge can be assembled together by Dredge Yard experts or the clients technical staff. The ECO200 is designed for one operation and can be easy controlled from the air-conditioned cabin. The underwater dredge pump provides a high ratio of mixture and increased slurry flow that optimizes the production output. The dredger is available for use in May 2017.

Dimensions of the ECO200 dredger:

Length overall

16.2 m

Length of pontoon

11.5 m

Breadth overall

3.0 m

Depth of pontoon

1.2 m

Dredging depth

6.0 m

Design draught

0.8 m

About Dredge Yard
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