Mergers & Acquisitions Create Challenges for Access Control System Integrators – New Multi-Format Technology Can Help

Camarillo, CA, April 14, 2017 --( DigiOn24 Inc. is proud to introduce D24Secure NFC™ Multi-Format Cards and Readers, providing a clean, elegant solution for merging multiple card access control systems with different Wiegand data formats and numbering schemes. Multi-Format technology provides incredible cost savings when compared with system merger solutions traditionally used by System Integrators, such as using multiple credentials or replacing control panels and software.

According to Ernst and Young, 57% of major corporations are actively pursuing Mergers and Acquisitions in the next 12 months. Vertical markets affected include Technology, Oil & Gas, Pharma/Biotech, Healthcare, Telecom and Financial Services.

· Since most M&A’s will require rebadging due to updated corporate logos and graphics, this presents the opportunity to do a complete card and reader replacement, with DigiOn24’s unique and innovative new D24Secure NFC™ Multi-Format Technology.

Each card is encoded with multiple card numbers and Wiegand data formats, duplicating the existing card programming.

The D24Secure NFC™ Universal Replacement Readers are configured to output the proper Wiegand format for each connected access control panel.

· DigiOn24’s ProxWriterIII™ Inline Card Encoding System allows the System Integrator to encode the cards and configure the readers.
· D24Secure NFC™ cards provide more value and more security than proximity cards, and they can be encoded with virtually any Wiegand card data format. Multi-technology cards are available for phased-in reader upgrades.
· Additional benefits of changing to D24Secure NFC™ technology include 3DES Mutual Authentication and AES data Encryption, custom card and reader Passwords, Mobile Applications using NFC Compatible Android Mobile Devices, and up to 30% lower card replacement costs.
· D24Secure NFC™ cards are ISO 14443A contactless smart cards, available as Composite ISO Cards (with or without Magstripe), Key fobs, and Adhesive Discs.
· D24Secure NFC™ readers are available in outdoor mullion-style, outdoor keypad and indoor wall switch configurations.
· D24Secure NFC™ Readers use the standard Wiegand interface, making them Plug-and-Play for most systems including Bosch, Casi-Rusco®, Gallagher™, GE, Honeywell, HID®, Johnson Controls, Kronos®, Lenel OnGuard®, etc.

For more information on Multi-Format Technology, visit DigiOn24’s website: or contact them at (800) 891-0020.

About DigiOn24 Inc.
Founded in early 2002, DigiOn24 has been developing and manufacturing proximity and contactless smart card inline encoders for ID card printers and it is also a supplier of access control credentials and card readers.

DigiOn24 is committed to bringing new innovative RFID products to the marketplace. As experts in RFID and security, they offer proximity and contactless smart card encoding solutions, asset management solutions, and access control solutions for a wide range of ID card printers and card technologies.

DigiOn24’s team members are highly experienced in new product development and manufacturing and have each worked in the Auto-ID industry for more than 25 years.

DigiOn24’s manufacturing plant and general offices are located in Camarillo, California. Further information on DigiOn24 is available at
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