Southeast Regional Conference for the Association for Experiential Education; April 21-23, 2017; YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly; Black Mountain, NC.

Conference for educators of all sorts: teachers, trainers, facilitators, students, therapists/counselors, and leaders; Focus on using guided experience to improve learning for learners; Diverse community of speakers and attendees; Fun, welcoming, creative, innovative environment.

Black Mountain, NC, April 13, 2017 --( The Southeast Region of the Association for Experiential Education (AEE) is pleased to announce their 2017 Regional Conference, themed "Let The Earth Be Your Classroom."

All educators, including teachers, trainers, therapists, facilitators, counselors, leaders, and anyone else inspired by the field of education are invited to attend.

Attendees will leave with a better understanding of the power of experience as a teaching tool, as well as new and strengthened relationships with other Southeastern practitioners of Experiential Education.

Amy Climer of Climer Consulting will present a keynote address, and Chad Littlefield of We! will offer a Friday-night playnote. There will also be more than 15 different presenters from all over the Southeast. Workshops topics will range from from social justice and ethics in education, to adventure programming, to teaching middle school, to therapeutic techniques. Conference-goers will also enjoy nightly campfires, a Friday-night open jam, and Saturday night entertainment from The Bluebirds -- an Americana band from Asheville.

Anyone who joins the conference community will encounter a diverse community of folks dedicated to innovating educational experiences that meet the needs of learners. Attendees will include teachers, facilitators, students, professors, adventure guides, therapists, scuba divers, yogis, and many others.

AEE-SE is committed to promoting Experiential Education and supporting Experiential Educators throughout the Southeast in their efforts to use Experiential Education to enrich lives. As a part of the AEE, AEE-SE supports the aims of the main organization, as stated below:

-- Increasing member skills and knowledge
-- Connecting members to each other
-- Defining and identifying professional standards and best practices
-- Measuring the impact and value of experiential education
-- Fostering career and employment opportunities for members

AEE Values include the following:
-- Relationships are central to AEE’s success and must be developed and nurtured.
-- AEE is a learning community, committed to ongoing questioning and analysis of its activities and processes, discussion of failures and lessons learned.
-- Dialogue and connection between individuals from different settings, perspectives and areas of professional focus is important and a core aspect of AEE.
-- Challenge is often achieved through activities in the outdoors, though use of the outdoors is not a requirement for experiential education. Accordingly, AEE recognizes the value of nature and the outdoors.
-- Supporting members in their work leads to educational and societal change and broader adoption of experiential education.
-- AEE strives for transparency in all operations.
Association for Experiential Education, Southeast Region
Eric Starkweather