Beckatt Solutions Announces Partnership with Re3dTech

Re3dTech, an additive manufacturing service bureau in the north suburbs of Chicago, has partnered with Beckatt Solutions to provide industrial-grade 3D printing access and capacity to end users.

Elgin, IL, April 14, 2017 --( Beckatt Solutions, a leading Chicago-area distributor of 3D printers, is pleased to announce a partnership with Re3dTech, an additive manufacturing service bureau in Grayslake, IL. The partnership will help expand world-class, professional 3D printing to Midwest companies looking for industrial-grade 3D print service work. Re3dTech plans to help customers move their manufacturing from overseas centralized production centers, to local, on-demand manufacturing and parts production, through the use of industrial-grade additive manufacturing.

Currently, Re3dTech is able to produce 3D printing parts using the Markforged Mark X composite 3D printer. Two key innovations offered through Markforged, and the reasons Re3dTech has chosen the Mark X, is that Markforged uses a proprietary material, Onyx, which is a chopped carbon-fiber plastic composite, and the Mark X is the only 3D print platform that can lay a continuous fiber strand in the base material at various levels providing increased strength.

The Markforged Mark X is the industry’s most powerful fiber composite 3D printer. In addition to a large print volume, the Mark X introduces a set of breakthrough print capabilities that include in-process laser inspection as well as a fine (50 micron) surface finish to make the Mark X one of the most powerful, precise and unique 3D printers on the market today. The printer enables measurable and beneficial breakthroughs in manufacturing, design, and now supply chain by printing precise, fully usable, and remarkably strong reinforced parts with innovative materials - all on its cloud-based networked software platform.

Markforged’s Mark X builds on the success of its existing unique technology and materials available, but adds a leap in capability and scale for fiber-reinforced printing of precision parts. A commitment to innovative materials for quality, strength and weight remains at the core of the Markforged mission, and has helped reinforce Re3dTech’s decision to invest in such cutting-edge technology. Engineers, manufacturers and designers looking to print incredibly strong and highly precise parts for robotics, automotive parts, molds, prosthetics, athletic equipment and other industrial applications will be able to leverage Re3dTech’s Mark X 3D printer for their needs, as a replacement for both inventory and costly, time-consuming metal machining processes. The build volume of the Mark X is 330mm, 250mm, 200mm (X, Y, Z).

Beckatt Solutions is an authorized reseller for Markforged, and plans to work with Re3dTech to expand their customer base. Of the partnership, Michael Storey, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Beckatt Solutions states: “We are thrilled with this partnership with Jim and Russ, the Co-Founders of Re3dTech. In addition to our existing product offerings of first-rate professional 3D printers, we now have a solution for our customers for industrial-level 3D print service work as their needs evolve. Re3dTech provides an unmatched ability to push product design and development for our customers across the Midwest.”

Co-Founders of Re3dTech, James Teuber and Russell Beck, bring their years of business and manufacturing experience to help pave a path to the future of additive manufacturing for customers. By using the latest 3D printing technologies, Re3dTech is moving past prototyping to true end use parts production. Re3dTech plans to offer HP Jet Fusion 3D printed parts, and metal 3D printed parts through Markforged’s Metal X metal 3D printer, to customers by summer, 2017.

About Re3dTech
Re3dTech is an Additive Manufacturing Service Bureau bringing high-tech 3D print capabilities to Midwest manufacturing and engineering companies. Re3dTech’s facility is in Grayslake Lake, IL (just 45 minutes northwest of Chicago), and all are invited to observe the cutting-edge technology and learn more about Re3dTech’s additive manufacturing capabilities. Please feel free to contact with any questions or opportunities. To learn more about Re3dTech, visit:

About Beckatt Solutions
Located in Chicago, IL, Beckatt Solutions is a leading Midwest US distributor of 3D printers, print materials and supplies, scanners and software. The company is committed to providing its clients with cutting-edge 3D printing technologies and services. Co-founders Matthew Pray and Michael Storey founded the company to increase the number of 3D printers, and expand 3D printing services and partners in the Midwest. For more information, contact Michael Storey at 630.206.3993 or, or visit Beckatt Solutions online at
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