Tripviss Launches Tripshare

Introducing Tripshare: now everyone can travel the world together with like-minded travellers for cheaper prices.

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, April 15, 2017 --( Tripviss is proud to announce the launch of its new feature, Tripshare. This exciting new feature seeks to revolutionize the way travellers explore the world by providing the means to craft custom itineraries that are open for everyone around the world to join.

Tripviss initially started as an online platform for travellers to customize their trips, it has now broadened its focus to offer more savings by connecting travellers worldwide via Tripshare which is now available to everyone. By enabling travellers to create and join Tripshares, travellers get to save more by cost-sharing custom trips made by other travellers.

“We’ve received feedback by frequent travellers who wish to save more on their personalized trips and so we started thinking about how we could make travel even more affordable. We also know how most travel agencies or platforms are only concerned about selling existing non-flexible tour packages. That’s why we came up with Tripshare. Using the concept of cost-sharing, travellers get to travel more at lower prices because the costs are split amongst everyone on the trip. This encourages people to travel more together with other like-minded travellers because the more people join a Tripshare, the more they save,” said Jacky Chan, Founder of Tripviss.

Chan further explains how Tripshare works to connect travellers from around the world together, “Through Tripshare, anyone from around the world with special interests can join and travel with another who shares those interests! This is how we aim to create an engaging community of passionate travellers to see the world together.”

Why Tripshare?

· Cost-Sharing – Tripshare ensures that you can lower your travel spending especially when travelling in a group by providing cost-sharing fee for transportation, tour guide and accommodation.
· Unique Itineraries – Travellers can now create and book customizable trips based on their preferences and unique interests.
· Traveling with like-minded travellers – People with mutual interests get to meet and travel together on Tripshares.

Tripviss believes Tripshare will attract a new market of travellers through the concept of cost-sharing, thus transforming the travel industry by making travel both accessible and more affordable for everyone worldwide.

Tripviss hopes that travellers will find Tripshare to be an even more exciting and affordable way to meet other travellers to explore the world.

In line with the launch, Tripviss is now featuring unique trips specially crafted by social media influencers for anyone to join and travel with them through Tripshare. Find out more about Tripshare and how you can save more by traveling the world with global travellers at!

Launched in July 2016 and based in Malaysia, Tripviss is a global online travel platform for travellers to craft personalized trips to/from anywhere around the world. Tripviss aims to provide a hassle-free planning service and expert travel advice by connecting travellers directly with local travel experts. With a single request, multiple travel experts bid to plan everything from custom itinerary to accommodations, transportations, meals and activities to meet travellers’ preferences. Having partnered with more than 250 licensed travel operators worldwide, Tripviss strives to ensure travellers get the lowest possible prices with no intermediaries.
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