New Pacific Coast Wine Edition Compares California, Washington and Oregon Industries

Benicia, CA, April 15, 2017 --( Marquis Publishing, an affiliate of the Marquis Gallery announces the release of Marques Vickers’ 2017-18 edition of “So You Think You Know Pacific Coast Wines?” The book identifies emerging wine production trends influencing the wine industries of California, Washington and Oregon. This book concisely profiles each state’s leading growing regions, rainfall statistics and prominent grapes based on the most recent available harvest data.

California is the top producing state, Washington second and Oregon fourth (behind New York) in American wine grape production. The State of California harvested 4 million tons and Washington 270 thousand tons during the 2016 harvest. Oregon harvested 84.9 tons during the 2015 harvest. Washington’s harvest is only 6.7% and Oregon’s 2.1% of California’s overall production. Oregon’s production is 31.4% of Washington’s.

Cabernet Sauvignon is California’s second most popular and second highest priced red wine grape. It is Washington’s most popular and fifth highest priced and Oregon’s fifth most popular and highest priced wine grape.

Pinot Noir is Oregon’s largest harvested grape accounting for 59.7% of the state’s wine grape production and second highest priced. It is California’s sixth most popular and sixteenth highest priced red wine grape. It is Washington’s fifteenth most popular and tenth highest priced red wine grape.

Chardonnay is California’s largest harvested grape accounting for 38% of the white wine grapes and 16.8% of the state’s overall yield. It is the twenty-fourth highest priced white wine grape. It is Washington’s third largest wine grape, most popular white wine grape and the second highest priced. It is Oregon’s third largest produced, second highest white wine grape and second highest priced.

California has 4,200+, Washington 900+, and Oregon 700+ wineries. California has seventeen designated growing regions. Washington has fourteen and Oregon five.

“So You Think You Know Pacific Coast Wines?” is an invaluable and unique reference tool for understanding the Pacific Coast’s historical wine evolution. The easily understandable language is ideal for serious novice buyers and knowledgeable collectors.

Author Marques Vickers is a wine broker who owns and operates based on the Pacific Coast. The book is available in paperback and Kindle format through Amazon and Barnes and Noble and He has written extensively on the Pacific Northwest region.
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