The Future of Small Business is Spelled Women

Women entrepreneurs are getting together to move their businesses forward.

Houston, TX, April 20, 2017 --( The Women Entrepreneurs Club (WE) is pleased to announce their launch. It is a one of a kind platform to help women build their businesses and expose them to the buying public through a strong advertising and marketing strategy. Members’ businesses are featured in categories on the site with direct links to their business.

Gemma David, the founder, explained how she came up with the idea for The Women Entrepreneurs Club. “I started combing the Social Media groups and saw so many women posting links to their side hustle time and time again. I spoke with some of them, and no matter how many ‘like ladders’ or groups they were a part of, almost none of them could actually report any conversions. Likes don’t translate into business. It was like an exercise in futility. Then I followed the links they had posted in these groups, and there was no way for someone to actually buy from some of them. Some did not have an ecommerce website; others had sites that needed major improvements. Still others were trying to sell in Social Media groups, effectively rendering them invisible among the thousands of others. It didn’t matter if your product or service is great; presenting your offering well is of paramount importance. Marketing and advertising budgets and business development strategies were also major blocks. It was time for a platform that would solely support and promote these women entrepreneurs in an organized and effective way.”

There are currently over 150 women entrepreneurs from the US and across the globe listed on The Women Entrepreneurs Club’s website. It is free to join and women small business entrepreneurs can avail themselves and their business of the following:

· Direct links to their social media pages or business website
· Help with the creation of an ecommerce site
· Solid business development strategies in one on one consultations
· Business building webinars, practical workshops, and other resources and tools
· The advertising power of the marketing exposure of the WE club
· Selling in the WE Shop, where consumers can buy items with just a click
· Bartering services with WE club members to help grow each other’s business
· Access to new business opportunities

About the WE club: It provides business building resources and help for women entrepreneurs to establish and grow their business and serves as a repository to find women owned businesses. Contact or
The Women Entrepreneurs Club
Gemma David