Aroma Bravo Reveals Why It Sources Gourmet Coffee Beans from Honduras

Aroma Bravo considers Marcala, Honduras to be the best source of gourmet coffee beans to serve to customers.

Carson City, NV, April 20, 2017 --( Honduras is known as a powerhouse when it comes to coffee production. It is the top exporter of Arabica beans in Central America, and currently ranks sixth in the overall global market. A huge percent of the country’s coffee comes from the fertile region of Marcala, where several organic farms grow Arabica beans through sustainable methods.

Greatly impressed by the quality of the beans, Aroma Bravo Coffee and Tea only sources gourmet coffee beans from this area. “Our dedication to give the best coffee experience to our customers starts with finding the best coffee beans,” says a company spokesperson. “After trying coffees of different origins, we’ve concluded that Honduras coffee is the best match for our brand.”

Aroma Bravo observes strict standards when it comes to bean selection. First and foremost, the beans must be grown organically.

“Because we’re an organic company, the beans we sell should also be 100% organic. Our source are organic farms that are located at an altitude which has the optimum growing conditions for coffee beans. There are also much fewer insects in these Marcala mountains, so there’s no need to use insecticides. Only sustainable solutions are used such as planting peppers to repel what little pests remain. Vermiculture, compost and other organic matter are also applied for cultivation. This ensures that the beans are naturally grown and chemical-free,” the spokesperson remarked.

The second criteria is that the beans must be Arabica varieties of the highest possible quality. “In the gourmet coffee industry, Arabica beans are strongly preferred by aficionados and expert roasters because the taste is far superior to Robusta and other bean varieties. This is why our whole bean coffee are 100% Arabica,” the Aroma Bravo spokesperson continued.

The final criteria is that the beans must be cultivated by workers who are fairly compensated for their effort. The spokesperson adds, “Aroma Bravo values the hard work of the Honduran farmers and harvesters who grow these amazing beans that our customers love. We set up a profit-sharing system to make sure that everyone is paid generously for their skill and effort.”

These three important criteria are all met by Aroma Bravo’s suppliers in Marcala, that’s why the company has great faith in this coffee-producing region. Thanks to Marcala, Aroma Bravo has finally found the best coffee beans to serve to millions of coffee lovers around the world. More info available at

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Aroma Bravo is a trusted brand of organic Honduras gourmet coffee. Highly recommended for its smooth and well-balanced flavor, Aroma Bravo Coffee is a must-have for gourmet coffee lovers.
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