Mark Steward Team Explains Why College Grads Are Flocking to Raleigh

The Mark Steward Team at 1st: Triangle Real Estate Group, a locally owned real estate company that specializes in the sales and marketing of residential and commercial properties in the Greater Raleigh area explains why recent college graduates are relocating to Raleigh.

Raleigh, NC, April 21, 2017 --( Recent college graduates are relocating to Raleigh more and more every year. The City of Oaks was ranked 15th best for new college graduates looking for a place to launch their career in a study by Personal Finance experts, NerdWallet. There are many reasons recent graduates are attracted to Raleigh, the ability to drive places easily, all of the museums and art galleries, and all of the arts performances are just a few. These aspects, plus the ability to find a job, especially with Research Triangle Park, as well as the livability and affordability lifestyle that Raleigh offers, is a combination of what brings the millennials to the city.

“Raleigh is constantly changing and growing, just like recent college graduates are at this chapter in their lives. It’s such a great place to put their new degree to use and launch their career, while finding themselves along the way with everything we have to offer here,” states Mark Steward.

Established in 2013, Triangle Real Estate Group has achieved phenomenal success in assembling one of the region's most experienced sales teams. That team of neighborhood experts stands ready to meet the needs of clients throughout the Triangle area. Utilizing the latest tech tools, Triangle Real Estate Group continually strives to offer agents and clients the most up-to-date resources, ensuring outstanding results. Growing at a rapid pace, Triangle Real Estate Group opened an additional office, Triangle Real Estate Group West, in 2014 to better serve the Triangle area. Today, Triangle Real Estate Group is one of the most visited firms for selling and buying real estate in Triangle areas, including Greater Raleigh and Durham.
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