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Brannons Medical Expanding Offerings for Patients Adjusting to New Reality in Healthcare

Increases in the cost of health insurance is prompting many patients to wonder why they bother using it for home medical and respiratory equipment.

San Jose, CA, April 22, 2017 --( When Jeremy was diagnosed earlier this year with Obstructive Sleep Apnea, he thought he would finally receive some benefit from all the health insurance premiums he and his employer had paid over the years.

"I thought, well, this is why I have insurance and at least I have good insurance," he said. "I’m not happy I have Sleep Apnea, but at least I'll get my money's worth"

What he learned instead is his health plan, which used to cost less than $2500 per year with a $500 deductible now costs over $8,000 with a $5,000 deductible.

"I said let me get this straight, I pay the first $13,000 and then I'm covered?" he shared. "And they said no - then you are covered at 70%!"

It's a story playing out daily at home medical equipment companies like Brannons Medical in San Jose, California.

"Many patient ask, why can't I just pay for it myself?" Greg McMorrow, Executive Vice President, Brannons Medical explains. "They are right to a great extent, the only downside is the patient will not receive credit to the fulfillment of the high deductible."

Patients also do not have to wait for medical authorizations that often take 7-10 business days, wait for medical records and doctor signed forms to get the CPAP's, BIPAP's, Oxygen Concentrators, and other home medical equipment.

"For many patients, it's a lifestyle choice, they don't want to wait, they need a good night sleep or need to discharge from the hospital today - not a week from now," McMorrow adds.

Brannons launched its special offerings earlier this year and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.
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