Westfield Auction House Expands Its Weekly Live Events to the East Coast

Los Angeles, CA, April 25, 2017 --(PR.com)-- After two decades of operating weekly live auctions around the west coast, Westfield Auctions will begin to open opportunities for collectors across the east coast going into the second half of 2017. After some successful initial events in New Jersey towards the end of 2016, the auction house will make a greater effort to include events by the Atlantic at local venues. Ronen Varsha, owner of Westfield Auctions since 1999, noticed that there was an increase in inquiries from collectors in New Jersey, New York, Washington, and Philadelphia over the past few years due to an increase in the notoriety of the auction house’s refined collection. Furthermore, an expansion to the east coast means more opportunities for diversification in both regularly rotating lots and item-bundle curation for charity events.

“We’ve been working hard perfecting a well-balanced pool of art, jewelry, and sculptures that appeal to a wide range of individuals. Thanks to years of dedication from our team and a growing number of sources around the world, the east coast is now in a great position to enjoy what our west coast bidders have been experiencing for a number of years – a competitive yet fun bidding environment run by highly experienced auctioneers,” says Mr. Varsha.

Since the organization’s inception in 1999, Westfield Auctions has steadily grown into one of Los Angeles’ premier auction houses. With deep ties in both the art community and a global network of over 50 different sources of fine assets, Westfield Auctions has never failed to offer its bidders a variety of luxury goods at unmatched prices. Want to be in the know about an upcoming event, either in Los Angeles or the east coast? Log on to www.westfieldauctions.com or request more information by emailing info@westfieldauctions.com.
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