Arzzle - the Augmented Reality Puzzle That Rewards You with Real Dollars Each Month

A fun way to keep you sharp while having fun and getting rewarded.

Newark, DE, April 24, 2017 --( Arzzle, the new augmented reality puzzle company, unveiled an assortment of new jigsaw puzzle packs with the stunning technology of AR. This new line of products provides premium AR jigsaw puzzles of all kinds, for all puzzle lovers age 12 and above appealing to a wide range of tastes. For those who enjoy staying sharp by strengthening logical thinking and short term memory, having fun assembling 1000 pieces augmented reality jigsaw puzzle, while having the chance to win a real monetary monthly reward, this is the right choice. As the number of Arzzle lovers grows the reward grows each month as well.

Arzzle is a subscription service and every month the company sends a unique jigsaw puzzle package to its subscribers to help them complete the big challenge. After a person receives the monthly package, they need to start assembling the jigsaw puzzle and when done identify the clue through the AR experience, being the fastest to complete in order to win the monthly reward. The time starts running from the moment when the package was delivered until the completion of the puzzle. Every month the winner is announced in the same day with the new Arzzle challenge release.

Every month the company chooses an NGO to donate 10% of each purchase, supporting a noble cause.

“We have a passion for jigsaw puzzles and AR technology and we want to reward puzzle lovers with real dollars each month through our monthly challenge, but we also like to remember those in need who can’t afford to have a hobby,” says Claudia Danciu, CEO of Arzzle.

How can Subscribers Win The Monthly Reward?

1. After they receive their monthly Arzzle box, the challenge has started and the clock is ticking.

2. In every box, they will find a high-quality jigsaw puzzle that they need to assemble. By downloading the free app, puzzle lovers can create their own time lapse and store all their monthly experiences and fun they had assembling puzzles.

3. After the completion of the puzzle, they can use the Arzzle App to experience an augmented reality, receive the last clue and complete the monthly challenge.
The fastest one will win.

But the story doesn't end here. Each monthly clue leads to a yearly mystery that needs to be solved. Therefore if someone lost the monthly challenge they still have a chance to win the yearly challenge, by solving the biggest AR Puzzle of them all, using all the monthly clues collected.

Arzzle is a company started from the passion for jigsaw puzzles, Augmented Reality technology and love for the people in need. The company started by Claudia Danciu as chief puzzles lover, together with Vlad Danciu the tech expert behind the Augmented Reality experiences, hopes to make jigsaw puzzles cool again through the use of modern technology, crafting great experience for jigsaw puzzle lovers around the world, rewarding them with real dollars for their passion while sustaining social causes through partner charities.

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Think, Have Fun, Win!
Claudia Danciu