CZ Growth Strategies Partnering with King David Dogs to Offer Gourmet Hot Dogs, Cooking Module to C-Stores, Travel Plazas Nationwide

Carmel, IN, April 29, 2017 --( An Indianapolis-based franchisor - CZ Growth Strategies is partnering with King David Dogs to offer its Signature 1/4-pound all-beef, gourmet, grilled hot dogs prepared in a proprietary, stand alone cooking module to convenience stores and travel plazas nationwide.

Drawing on its vast restaurant franchising and food service industry experience, CZ Growth Strategies today announced it recently reached agreement with Indianapolis-based King David Dogs to begin offering a proprietary, stand-alone unit that will conveniently house the equipment needed to prepare and serve its all-beef, gourmet, grilled hot dogs.

"We are pleased and delighted to join with Brent Joseph, of the Hene family, and King David Dogs in a partnership that will enable us to offer the Signature King David all-beef, kosher-style, gourmet hot dogs - made with the highest quality and cooked perfectly in convenience stores and travel plazas across the country," said Allan Zukerman, chairman, CZ Growth Strategies.

"Best of all, the owners and operators of the convenience stores and travel plazas will be able to offer a great tasting, gourmet, grilled hot dog to their customers that's easy to prepare using a proprietary, stand-alone cooking unit," explained Bill Church, president, CZ Growth Strategies, adding that the unit is designed to fit easily as part of any floor plan. The set-up also includes space featuring a variety of flavorful toppings for customers to enjoy on their freshly prepared Kosher-style hot dogs.

The opportunity to offer a gourmet hot dog bearing the King David name is a credit to Brent Joseph, the grandson of William Hene, who together with his brother, Paul, co-founded the Hene Meat Company in Indianapolis in the 1940s.

With a blessing from the Hene family and using the family's original recipe, Brent and his wife, Hannah, have successfully orchestrated a revival of the Signature King David hot dog over the past 10 years. King David Dogs owns and operates two locations in Indianapolis, one downtown and the second at Indianapolis International Airport.

For more information regarding King David Dogs and its related opportunities, contact Bill Church at (317) 809-8816 or Allan Zukerman at (317) 371-1745, or visit their website at:

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