AST and ECN Aim to Accelerate the Development of Lignin-Based Products

American Science and Technology to send multiple shipments of organosolv lignin to Energy research Centre of the Netherlands.

Wausau, WI, April 29, 2017 --( American Science and Technology (AST), a sustainable technology company, has agreed to begin sending shipments of its Organosolv lignin to the Energy research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN ). This is a continuation of AST’s ongoing efforts to speed up the development of advanced and innovative lignin-based products by sharing its Organosolv lignin with an increasing number of research institutions around the world.

Led by Dr. Paul J. de Wild, the team of researchers at ECN will test the production of high-value functionalized aromatics via their pyrolysis-based LIBRA (Lignin Biorefinery Approach) technology.

“Both AST and ECN share similar aspirations in transitioning society to more sustainable energy systems and advancing the bio-based economy,” said Dr. Ali Manesh, President of AST. “And like AST, ECN has many years of experience working with lignin. Since lignin valorization is a key step in achieving those shared goals, we believe that combining the expertise of these two companies is a definite step in the right direction.”

Currently, AST’s Organosolv lignin is being used by several research teams at various universities, including University of Washington, Mississippi State University, University of Wisconsin, University of Minnesota, and Washington State University, for various research projects. The team at University of Wisconsin-Platteville was recently able to successfully coextrud AST’s Organosolv lignin with other polymers to create new resins that were then used to produce polymeric parts via injection molding.

American Science and Technology is a full service shared piloting facility available to industry, and is dedicated to helping its clients develop innovative biorefinery and chemical technologies to convert lignocellulosic biomass into high-value, bio-based chemicals and products. Operating from laboratory level to multi-ton scale, the AST facility provides a unique opportunity for collaboration to accelerate the advancement of the bio-based economy. During the past 10 years, AST scientists and engineers have also developed a patented Organosolv pulping process that has shown to increase the efficiency and profitability of pulp and paper production by converting virtually all of the incoming lignocellulosic biomass to high-value products.

Energy research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN) is the largest energy research institute in the Netherlands. ECN develops new technology and conducts pioneering research in various ways into innovative solutions to facilitate the transition to sustainable energy management. With around 500 members of staff, ECN is active in projects both at domestically and abroad, in joint efforts with the industry, government authorities and research institutes.

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