Inflight Warning Systems Rapidly Growing with Cathay Pacific Partnership

Yorba Linda, CA, April 29, 2017 --( Cathay Pacific launches Inflight Warning Systems into the Asian market after agreeing a deal to fit over 400 vibration monitoring units (VMU) to their Boeing 777’s. In a move that signals an increased focus on safety and operational reliability, the airline secured the order with IWS to begin installations in 3rd quarter of 2016. Cathay Pacific is the home carrier of Hong Kong, and operates more than 140 wide-body aircraft to nearly 200 destinations worldwide.

In a class of its own, since 2002 Inflight Warning Systems has created the simplest solutions to predictive maintenance and alerting on commercial aircraft—saving airlines millions of dollars by preventing diversions and emergency landings due to failed equipment. The IWS VMU uses predictive technology sensors which successfully eliminate over 99% of smoke and smoke-smell events on aircraft fans for the Boeing 747, 757, 767, and 777 models, as well as the Airbus A320 family.

The VMU provides Cathay Pacific savings on fan maintenance costs and expensive No Fault Found (NFF) removals through predictive alerting up to 50 hours prior to component failure—shutting down an offending fan before it fails and causes smoke or a burning smell to enter the cockpit and cabin. This reduces the cost of maintenance and operations by allowing reserve operating time for aircraft dispatch and the scheduling of maintenance at the airline’s convenience. “Cathay’s worldwide reputation is second-to-none, and we’re proud to be a part of helping them raise the bar even higher for others to follow,” said IWS CEO Joseph Barclay. IWS’ VMU is a plug-and-play product, which requires no modification to aircraft wiring or structure, easily attaching to a fan with an installation which takes less than an hour to complete. Cathay began the process of installing Inflight Warning System’s VMU technology to the Boeing 777 fleet in last year, and is nearing completion for the fleet. “The safety benefits of detecting failures in advance are clear, but there’s significant savings to the bottom line when airlines such as Cathay can schedule around these sorts of events instead of dealing with them unexpectedly,” said Joseph Barclay.

About Inflight Warning Systems
Inflight Warning Systems was formed in 2002 specifically for the purpose of developing a line of bearing vibration monitors for use in commercial aircraft. IWS has worked closely with airline customers to develop a successful product line, and has delivered over 4000 units worldwide.

IWS specializes in vibration analysis—the basis for predicting fan failure. Although aircraft fan applications have been the core of the IWS products, other applications (including non-aviation markets) are also a focus for the company.

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About Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific Airways is a Hong Kong-based airline offering scheduled passenger and cargo services to nearly 200 destinations in Asia, North America, Australia, Europe and Africa, using a fleet of more than 140 wide-body aircraft. The company is a member of the Swire group and is a public company listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Cathay Dragon is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cathay Pacific, and the airline also has a 60% stake in AHK Air Hong Kong Ltd, an all-cargo carrier operating regional express freight services. Cathay Pacific has made substantial investments to develop Hong Kong as one of the world's leading global transportation hubs. The airline is a founder member of the oneworld global alliance.

Cathay Pacific was named “World’s Best Airline” four times in the Skytrax World Airline Awards.
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