RTC Finance Offers Educational Resources for New Traders

Belize City, Belize, May 03, 2017 --(PR.com)-- RTC Finance believes that online financial trading should be accessible to everyone. There is nothing mysterious about online trading, and RTC is building a library of video tutorials and written training guides to orient newcomers to the online markets.

RTC Finance, a new leader in the online trading field, is putting together a series of online educational materials – video tutorials, written online trading guides, and webinars – to introduce newcomers to the ins and outs of online trading. Future offerings will include more advanced materials to help experienced traders make the most of every transaction.

There are currently four video tutorials online, with more planned. The tutorials cover important key concepts for new traders, explaining currencies, stocks, stock indices, and commodities for those new to the markets. The online guides cover some of the same concepts – commodities, currencies, and indices – as well as CFDs and, perhaps most importantly, technical analysis. As these assets and analyses are the bread and butter of RTC Finance's online trading, the company has an interested in seeing that traders are well educated in them.

The online trading assets are fairly simple. Commodities trading deals with "stuff;" oil, gold, agricultural products, industrial metals. Currencies are traded on the forex markets, and take advantage of the different exchange rate between monetary units. Indices are the average measures of stock markets, and traders can use them to benefit from shifts in stock values. CFDs apply a similar trading method to commodities and currencies.

Technical analysis is different. It's a way of reading the movements of online trading assets, to determine the trends and, hopefully, the future prices. Every trader should get a grounding in technical analysis, and so RTC Finance offers an online guide on the subject.

In short, RTC Finance wants online traders to succeed. Knowing that not every trader is familiar with the financial world, RTC provides a set of training guides and video tutorials to give newcomers a strong orientation. A set of webinars is in the works, and will be available soon. Visit https://www.rtcfinance.com/ for more details.
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