IONX LLC and Havellandsiche Eisenbahn (HVLE) Testing Standards–Based Wireless Intra-Train Communication System

Chicago, IL, May 03, 2017 --( IONX LLC, an Amsted Rail Company, and Germany-based rail freight operator Havelländische Eisenbahn (HVLE) initiated field trials in 2016, testing its standards-based wireless intra-train communication system in freight rail revenue service. This platform marks IONX’s first European deployment of such a system and a major milestone in the company’s efforts to deliver its ultra-low power wireless technology to a European freight rail system.

Deployed on the HVLE freight trains, IONX provides a low power wireless network running the entire length of the train, connecting sensors on each wagon to the locomotive. The network is built for IP compatibility based on the 6LoWPAN and 802.15.4e standards. It employs a highly scalable self-forming multi-hop mesh topology. The network features strong security features to ensure that the data being transported in the network can only be read by authorized devices, has not been modified in transit and has been sent from the device it claims to have been from.

“Our company has always been at the forefront of technology-driven rail freight innovations. We have identified the need for a standards-based wireless network that will work in the challenging environment of rail operations, as well as on wagons with no onboard power sources. The IONX intra-train system will help us overcome these challenges and provide us continual connectivity with our wagons, whether they are in the yard or in a train consist. This enhanced visibility provides us numerous efficiencies in train operations and freight wagon management,” said Frank Sadowski, HVLE Fleet Manager Freight Wagons.

William LeFebvre, IONX managing director and chief technology officer said, “Working with HVLE gives us the opportunity to partner with a forward thinking European rail company to substantiate our system in revenue service.” LeFebvre continues “the challenge of reliable, low-latency communication along a train with more than 100 wagons, while meeting strict energy constraints, should not be underestimated. We have achieved this with the added constraints of working within the license-free radio spectrum and using existing wireless standards so that our platform will allow data exchange with third party suppliers.”

Amsted Rail Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer Brad Myers noted “the opportunity to work with HVLE on deploying the IONX intra-train communication system complements our recently announced partnership with GE Transportation to build out the next generation of intelligent freight trains and develop digital tools to take railway productivity and efficiency to new levels. We believe the technologies we are testing with HVLE will be common place in the very near future.”

About Amsted Rail: Amsted Rail is the global leader in fully integrated bogie systems for the heavy haul freight market, with facilities spanning 40 locations across 10 countries and 6 continents. Through their state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, Amsted Rail is redefining industry standards for innovation and technology, providing customers worldwide with unmatched performance and reliability for the long haul.

About IONX: IONX is a developer of ultra-low power wireless telematics solutions for railcars. The system uses a combination of the latest GPS technology, proven robust wireless sensor systems, and reliable cellular communication networks that seamlessly integrate with IONX software. IONX allows users to monitor the location and status of a railcar or other assets, as well as the condition of critical components in near real-time by providing timely, accurate and actionable information.

About HVLE: HVLE is a successful private German railway company that has been on the move for our customers throughout Germany and its neighboring countries since 1892. We create custom-made solutions for our customers: a high-level of efficiency and quality is our standard because customer satisfaction comes first at HVLE. The HVLE business portfolio includes transportation services; just in time supply; bulk freight for grain and hazardous goods transport; railway construction logistics; operating of third-party connection railroads; development of customized logistics concepts; and transport services, with a special focus on Germany and Poland.
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Katherine Kelly