Reg.A Money Show Publishes Podcast Explaining How to Qualify Your Regulation A+ Offering with the SEC

SEC qualification allows companies to move forward with their Reg.A+ Offerings which leverages the key component of the Reg A+ Tier II rules allowing for the solicitation of the general public as well as traditional investors and financial institutions.

Las Vegas, NV, May 03, 2017 --( The Reg.A Funding Group announced today that they have published their latest “Reg A Money Show” podcast explaining in detail how to qualify your Regulation A+ offering with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Every Reg.A+ offering must be qualified by the SEC, but that process does not happen overnight as there are plenty of moving parts and steps that issuers must go through. This podcast uses the success of Sanz Solutions as an example of how to successfully qualify a Reg.A+ offering and details all the players involved and what needed to happen to overcome the obstacles issuers may face in moving forward.

Said Reg.A Money Show co-host Ron Costa: "As the success of Sanz Solutions illustrates, it’s really important for issuers to understand that if you’re thinking about doing a Regulation A+ offering, you need to contact those industry professionals who have an actual track record of success. If anyone tells you Reg.A+ can’t be done, point them to this show!"

The podcast can be accessed here:

About The Reg.A Money Show
The “Reg.A Money Show” provides information and Reg.A education from he founders over at the “Reg.A Funding Group” as well as market insights from a variety of industry experts who appear on the show as guests. The show is hosted by Ron Costa and Miguel Dotres, who bring a wealth of information in regards to Reg A, SEC filings, social media marketing, and various other topics in an entertaining and informative format. The podcast is quickly emerging as a “must listen” to all those interested in issuing Reg.A paper or investors interested in participating in a company’s Regulation A+ offering.

About The Reg.A Funding Group
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