Vet Marketing Pro Releases "Veterinary Lead Funnel" to Connect Clients with Vet Clinics

The Veterinary Lead Funnel from Vet Marketing Pro captures pet owner information online and connects potential clients with veterinary clinics via email.

Van Nuys, CA, May 03, 2017 --( Vet Marketing Pro, a company specializing in online marketing strategy for veterinary practices and animal hospitals, recently launched their new Veterinary Lead Funnel that connects pet owners with veterinarians through email, with the purpose of increasing the client base for animal clinics and veterinarians utilizing this service.

The Veterinary Lead Funnel is an automated system that captures client email information while they browse their favorite pet-related websites, Facebook, and veterinary clinic webpages. This contact information is then utilized to send prospective clients relevant marketing information direct to their inbox, helping bridge the gap between pet owners in need of veterinary services (now or in the future) with local industry professionals.

Email content includes exclusive promotions, offers, and information from veterinary practices looking to expand their client base. Pet owners are able to take advantage of these deals and connect with skilled veterinarians in their area for all of their animal medical needs, such as wellness care, diagnostics, and treatments.

This new marketing tool is now available to veterinary clinics and animal hospitals through Veterinary Marketing Pro, the leader in online veterinary marketing strategy. Learn more at

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