Newly Launched Crowdfunding Site "" Celebrates Having Raised More Than $43,100 for Campaign Owners

In a world where Kickstarter and Indiegogo rule, newly launched crowdfunding site is becoming the new alternative. After just a little over a month, celebrates raising over $43,100 for its varied campaign owners.

Ne York, NY, May 25, 2017 --( When launched not long ago, one of the Owners, CEO M. Sean Woods, found himself wondering if they would ever emerge from the shadows of Kickstarter and Indiegogo. After a successful initial test run, he discovered that not many were visiting the site and those that did, when asked why they didn't support a campaign or start one, answered that they weren't sure if they should contribute to a site other than the crowdfunding site they were familiar with.

"When you are the new guy on the block, you expect a little resistance, but what were getting was far from that. It was as if we didn't exist," said Woodson. "We do understand that part of the problem was that we only had 3 campaigns at launch time, but they were good campaigns yet no one, not even the campaign owners family contributed. It was discouraging to the campaign owners and to us."

However, this didn't stop from forging ahead. Like any company, they dropped press release after press release as well as promoted the site on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. For weeks nothing happened, and then money started trickling in and New campaigns began to be submitted for approval.

To date, Creative Jump has raised $43,182 for campaign owners. It may not seem like much when compared to Kickstarter and Indiegogo, however when you consider the challenges and the time frame, it's definitely something worth celebrating. With new campaigns and people discovering the site, they expect to be raising numbers somewhere in the hundreds of thousands to the millions by years end. So far Campaigns include independent Films, Comic Books, Novels, A Children's Book, Gadgets, a Sunglass line, Breast Feeding Action Wear, A Coffee Club, and the Much talked about dog toy Bunjiball.

Creative Jump has stated that there are 5 major reasons why they may be a better alternative to Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

1) When a Campaign is launched, the Campaign owner recieves an email from a consultant who will help them design the most effective campaign page, and answer any questions that they may have.

2) Every Campaign will have a personal consultant (as mentioned above) who will amongst other things, help promote Campaign via social media and press releases. Their sole purpose is to help Campaign Succeed.

3) To gaurantee visibility, Creative Jump has a rotating algorithm which allows every campaign to appear on page "one" everyday. The algorithm is designed to work up to 10,000 Campaigns.

4) Creative Jump is not over crowded, therefore not only won't a campaign get lost in the crowd, there are not loads of similar campaigns for contributors to choose from. Contributors have a better chance of finding a campaign that interests them. Creative Jump has a ceiling of how many campaigns they will run at a time.

5) A Campaign Owner gets to keep all the money that they raise regardless of wether they reach their goal or not. On top of that, if goal is met, the platform 5.5% fee that is subtracted at end of campaign is reduced to 4.5%, thus allowing Campaign Owner to keep more of the raised funds.

Creative Jump is the new kid on the block, but they are hoping that those looking to raise money for their innovative and creative ideas, choose to start a campaign with them.

Founded by a group of entertainment and publishing professionals, may just be the Crowdfunding Platform for the Next Generation.
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