Noliac Will Exhibit at the International Particle Accelerator Conference in Copenhagen

Noliac will exhibit a selection of piezoelectric products and present new research at the 8th International Particle Accelerator Conference (IPAC) held in Copenhagen May 14-19. Noliac will be a part of the delegation

Kvistgaard, Denmark, May 10, 2017 --( Experienced piezo partner for the accelerator industry.

Noliac has worked with different areas of the accelerator industry for many years. Cedric Goueffon, Global Sales Manager at Noliac A/S, explains, "The accelerator industry and related industries are very interesting to us, and our position as piezo partner for these industries dates back many years. Here, the precision and reliability of our piezoelectric actuators are in high demand. We have a wide range of actuators, which all meet the strict quality requirements of these industries. We look forward to presenting our products at this event and to meeting existing and potential customers," Cedric Goueffon ends.

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Meeting Noliac at IPAC

It is possible to to book a meeting at the stand for further discussions about piezo solutions. A meeting can be booked by contacting Cedric Goueffon directly:

Cedric Goueffon

Nanopositioning and actuation in extreme environment

Charles Mangeot, Senior R&D Engineer at Noliac A/S, will present the paper "Nanopositioning and Actuation in Extreme Environment Using Piezoelectric Multilayer Actuators and Motors" at a poster session. Charles Mangeot explains:

"Piezoelectric devices find numerous applications in science projects, when precise and fast positioning is needed, particularly in harsh environment. This paper reviews some of the latest environmental tests performed on piezoelectric devices, illustrating how they enable higher performance or even new technical solutions. The research gives examples of applications in the Large Hadron Collider and within the ITER project, which, although it isn’t a particle accelerator, presents many similarities in terms of the environment," Charles Mangeot ends.

More information about IPAC

IPAC is the main annual event for the worldwide accelerator community and industry. The conference offers presentations of the latest results from accelerator R&D and on the progress in existing, planned and future accelerator facilities. A long range of key industry players will exhibit at the event as well.

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