Tarasafe Announces iPhone 7 Contest Winner

Tarasafe is pleased to announce the winner of iPhone 7 Contest . It was held to create an awareness of importance of fr clothing.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, May 11, 2017 --(PR.com)-- The November 2016, iPhone 7 Contest, hosted by Tarasafe International Private Limited, got its winner- Mr. Vicky Goswami. This innovative event saw Mr Goswami receiving the highest number of 'likes' on his image uploaded on Facebook.

As a gesture of gratitude, for all ABB end users of TarArc garments, Tarasafe designed a contemporary contest. The motive behind this event was to create an awareness of safety provided by Electric Arc Flash Protective Clothing against Electric Arc hazards.

For the contest the registered users uploaded their image wearing TarArc garments on TaraSafe Facebook page. With an overwhelming response, it experienced active participation to win the new iPhone 7 32 GB. Being a competition based on Facebook likes, it saw a high engagement of people from various geographical locations.

The race for likes took a full swing towards the end. It was exciting to see tables turning every single day, each day a new person appeared with highest likes. Amongst the many ABB participants, the three leading contestants were Mr Khusro Khan, Mr Ton Prapas and Mr Vicky Goswami. In spite of the close competition, latter took the lead by achieving the highest likes on his uploaded picture. Appreciating the active involvement of participant Mr. Khusro Khan, the management of Tarasafe decided to award him with a special prize. The iPhone 7 Contest not only added fun to work life but also boosted team spirit amongst the co-workers.

TarArc, by Tarasafe, is a specialized catalogued range of electric arc protective clothing. It comprises of a complete range of Certified Arc Flash Garments including Coveralls, Jackets, Shirts, Trousers, T-Shirts and Hoods that have been widely appreciated and used by big international conglomerates in Oil & Gas, Infrastructure and Metal Industry.

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