Noliac R&D Project Funded by the European Union

A research project at the R&D department at Noliac Ceramics, Czech Republic, has received funding from the European Union. The aim of the project is to develop a new piezoceramic material for high power applications.

Kvistgaard, Denmark, May 11, 2017 --( Research for new materials

The focus of the research project is to gain further knowledge about piezoceramic materials. Ivana Steinfeldová, R&D Manager at Noliac Ceramics, explains:

"We are very pleased about the funding provided by the European Union. This research project will enable us to study the mechanisms of incorporating donor elements into solid solutions. This knowledge is relevant in order for Noliac to develop new piezoceramic materials designed to handle the maximum mechanical, electric and temperature loads. The research project will also focus on further improvements on the production technology for defect-free, large elements, their homogeneity, reliability and reproducibility," Ivana Steinfeldová ends.

Material suited for high power applications

The project will focus on developing a new material of the Navy III type. Ivana Steinfeldová explains:

"This material is suitable for applications where the highest power levels without excessive self-heating are required. These elements combine high mechanical quality factor, low dielectric loss with high piezo activity. They are also characterized by a high depolarization resistance and a resistance to cracking. We expect that components made from the new material will have better mechanical and dielectric properties than the current material NCE81. The new material can be used for high power applications like ultrasound welding, ultrasonic homogenization, sonochemistry as well as in high performance cleaning or ultrasonic therapy and in medical instruments including ultrasonic surgery devices," Ivana Steinfeldová ends.

It is possible to read more about Noliac’s current piezoceramic materials at

Cooperation with research institutions and universities

The research project is based at the R&D department at Noliac Ceramics, Czech Republic, and the project will be conducted in close cooperation with external partners. Ivana Steinfeldová explains:

"The challenges of this research requires a deep understanding of the the physical and chemical processes during formation of the PZT solid solutions and incorporation of donors. The influence of technological points in the production process like pressing, sintering, and poling to the homogenous structure of the manufactured elements is also complicated. The project allows to us enhance the important cooperation with research institutions and universities. These partners can contribute with useful knowledge and ideas, which will enhance the qualifications of our R&D team. We look forward to obtain new knowledge from this research project, which will help us to develop new materials and increase our competitiveness," Ivana Steinfeldová ends.

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