AIM Presents DotCode Revision for Public Review: 30-Day Public Review Open to All

Pittsburgh, PA, May 18, 2017 --( AIM, the trusted worldwide industry association for the automatic identification industry, providing unbiased information, educational resources and standards for nearly half a century, has announced that the Public Review of the revised International Symbology Standard (ISS) – DotCode, developed by AIM’s Technical Symbology Committee (TSC), is now available for a 30-day public review.

DotCode is a public domain optical data carrier designed to be reliably readable when printed by high-speed inkjet or laser dot technologies. With this standard, real time data like expiration date, lot number or serial number can be applied to products in a machine-readable form at production line speeds.

This AIM, Inc. document has been revised to correct a pair of typographical errors and most importantly, "ANNEX A, Dot Pattern Scoring Routine (Normative)” has been updated to detect extremely rare but hard-to-decode symbol patterns and give them a lower score as part of the mask-selection process.

Further, where the time it takes to perform the complete 4-mask evaluation presents a problem for very high-speed encoding, this revision of the DotCode symbology specification permits the mask-selection process to be abbreviated to improve the speed of encoding, without compromising symbol integrity.

Interested reviewers can download the DotCode document at AIM Public Review ( or by visiting the AIM Store on the AIM website.

The public review process officially ends June 15, 2017.

For more information contact AIM Headquarters via email ( or phone (+1.724.742.4470).
AIM, Inc.
C. K. Troup