DroneLife and JobforDrones Partner with Fire Cam: Leading Provider of Drone Solutions for Fire and Police

Hopkington, MA, May 18, 2017 --(PR.com)-- DroneLife and JobforDrones today announced a partnership with Fire Cam, the world leader in drone technology solutions focused on Fire and Police applications. The two sites will help introduce Fire Cam’s drone solutions to the US and Worldwide marketplace.

“We are excited to be partnering with Fire Cam. Fire Cam is a 10 year old company, started and run by firefighters. They’re the leading solutions provider in the industry and have a deep understanding and a leadership voice in the space,” said Harry McNabb, CMO of the two drone-based sites. "Under the partnership with Fire Cam, we will be able to provide our readers with stories and features of the impact and usage of drones in Police and Firefighting. We view this as a winning situation for all involved: our readers get highly relevant content; and Fire Cam brings its name and solutions to the large audiences on the sites."

“Fire Cam is pleased to be partnering with these leading drone sites to carry content and solutions focused on Police and Firefighting applications,” said Rob Schield, founder and President of Fire Cam. “As a business based on supporting police and firefighting, it made sense to us to work with DroneLife and Jobfordrones to help get the word out on our solutions in the space. We have worked hard over last 10 years to provide product and services designed for fire and police, and UAV solutions are a natural extension.”

“As a 25 year career Firefighter, I know what is involved in keeping the public and those who serve the public safe and feel that the benefits of UAVs will help to save lives and property,” says Schield. “The solutions are here today. We work to put together solutions that include the airframe, the components and sensors, and the training and support that will allow people to use the tool effectively.”

About Fire Cam:

Fire Cam is one of the largest firefighting and policing solutions site in the world. Fire Cam is a DJI Enterprise authorized solutions provider. Fire Cam manufacturers rugged, heat resistant and waterproof cameras and provides industrial drone for police and fire departments. They also help to provide specific training and value added services to these customers worldwide. Started and run by professionals in the space, Fire Cam is one of the leading sites in the world focused on these markets.

About DroneLife:

DroneLife is a leading news and services site focused on Drones. The three year old company has a readership of over 1.5 million readers in 2016 with a growth year over year of over 26%. Readership to date in 2017 has grown over 40%. DroneLife with its partners provides an eco-system of marketing, financing and services focused on Drones. DroneLife has a growing social media presence with an audience of over 64,000 Facebook and 24,000 Twitter audiences.

About JobforDrones:

JobforDrones is leading Drone Network that matches jobs with local providers in the US and Worldwide with over 1,000 authorized and authorized providers in the US and Worldwide.


DroneLife: Harry McNabb, harry@dronelife.com, Fire Cam: Rob Schield, rob@firecam.com
Harry McNabb
DroneLife Jobfordrones Fire Cam

DroneLife Jobfordrones Fire Cam

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