Highly Anticipated Rebel Role Model Podcast and Magazine Targets Millennials and Generation Z

By featuring everyday disruptors that become successful in a nontraditional way, Rebel Role Model's podcast, magazine and video content targets millennials and generation z to provide real life applicable knowledge in various industries. Such industries include entrenprenuership, technology, music, finance, social media influencing, broadcast journalism and venture capitalism.

Dallas, TX, May 27, 2017 --(PR.com)-- Rebel Role Model Magazine and Podcast launches Memorial Day, May 29, 2017. It is a multifaceted media organization dedicated to shining a spotlight on modern day "rebels," strong willed individuals who have broken through traditional industry barriers and paved their own way to success. Resulting in inspiring audiences to find inventive ways to fulfill their career goals through eye opening interviews, original articles, and informative YouTube videos.

CEO Nancy Coblenz, a successful techpreneur and business disruptor who created RRM in January 2017, conducts numerous exclusive interviews with rebels involved in a variety of fields. Some of them are high profile figures in their industry, with the goal of illustrating a concept she hopes more people, especially students just beginning their careers, would take to heart. Specifically, this message states one can be unorthodox and nonconformist, yet simultaneously successful, influential and emphasizes the importance of unique personal branding, risk taking, and working with passion and determination over simply checking boxes off of a prescribed list for success.

By frequently publishing on podcasting, social media, and video based platforms as well as through a digital and print magazine, Rebel Role Media is a reliable source of thought provoking, informative content regarding different perspectives of success and how to attain it for those uncertain about their career futures, curious about ways to break through specific industry barriers, or simply interested in learning about what it means to be a rebel in today’s modern business driven economy.
Rebel Role Model
Nancy Coblenz