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Helping Baby Sleep - New Lullaby Closes the Eyes of Babies and Opens the Eyes - and Ears of Parents

A new neoclassical Lullaby is putting kids to sleep, and opening the eyes and ears of parents around the world.

Malden, MA, February 24, 2006 --( Parents of newborns all share a common problem: getting baby to sleep through the night. It's a common experience to be up at 2 AM trying to calm a crying baby, to encourage sleep and rest. At 2 AM, where can parents get help?

ClydeSight Productions has a solution that is being reported to be very effective-- a FREE download Lullaby on the Internet 24/7. It's called: Lullaby Clyde. It's putting kids to sleep all over the world while opening the eyes -- and ears of parents to the wonderful inspiration of classically styled music.

The lullaby was composed by neoclassical composer, Tim Thompson, and is performed by the XV Orchestra. It's an entirely new arrangement of the well known Lullaby Clyde that is featured on the popular album: Symphonia Felina and Other Mewsical Masterworks. (

When Thompson composed the new arrangement, he was thinking of adults because so many people loved the original tune (performed with electronic instrumental sounds) yet wanted a full orchestral version. Thomspon met that need with his XV Orchestra. But what came as a great surprise were the e-mails from grateful paernts around the globe who found the free lullaby on the Internet at all hours of the day or night for their distressed children.

"They really appreciate having something like this available." says Thompson. "So many have written in to say how much it calms their children, and they too like the music, even when classically styled music isn't their prime choice. It's closing eyes of the kids, but opening eyes of the parents!"

And the lullaby has an added benefit besides the calming effect. Scientific studies have shown that children who listen to classical and classically styled music do better at math and science and develop higher analytical skills than children who miss this exposure.

The music was originally composed in honor of a sleeping cat. Thompson explains, "The lullaby was inspired by the beauty of my sleeping cat, Clyde (star of ClydeSight2.0  - the Fun and Games Cat Site - But I never thought it could help newborns! This is a really nice benefit I never imagined."

Parents have complimented the music on its soothing style and the gentle use of instruments that offers a level of sophistication, yet has such a memorable melody. They tell their friends about the music, helping other parents meet the needs of their children. As one grateful listener wrote, "I love this music, I had no idea how beautiful classical music is. You've opened a new door for me and I thank you for it. And to think that my baby will grow up with this music in her mind, it's wonderful."

Lullaby Clyde is available for free from ClydeSight Productions. Parents and music lovers can download it as an MP3 file from the Symphonia Felina Web site:

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